In Scotland, terrier stuck in hole for eight hours

Deadline Scotland, whose staff appears to need some basic arithmetic training, tells the story of a chubby non-Scottish terrier who headed down a rabbit hole and had to be pulled out by the fire department:

(His owner) was unable to free him despite five hours of digging and, with the light fading, called the local fire watch at Eyemouth.

She said: “Yorkie had obviously got sight of a rabbit and chased it into the hole.

“But he is a chunky wee man and got himself stuck in the narrow tunnel and couldn’t get himself turned round.

“We dug in a bit but couldn’t get to him and as the light started to fail we became a bit worried we weren’t going to get him out – it was all getting a bit frantic.”

A fire crew rushed in to the scene to help and were at first concerned for Yorkie’s welfare.

Officer in charge, Gale Coates, said: “He was quite still and I was quite worried at first.”

But one officer devised a make-shift harness to pull him free at around 7.20pm, almost eight hours after he went missing.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is not surprised that this fellow’s called Yorkie.