Mark Hatterer: True hero to Scottish Terriers

In an obituary for the broadcaster Paul Harvey, we came across the story of a man who gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a Scottie who had fallen into a septic tank. Further research provided more details about the incident, which occurred in 1998:

Mark Hatterer made a … rescue in late April under circumstances that might have daunted lesser men. He pumps septic tanks in Dover, Pennsylvania, and was surprised to arrive at the home of a customer he knew to see only one of an “inseparable” pair of little Scottish terriers.

At the septic tank, “I saw bubbles, and I decided to investigate further. I was digging around there with a shovel. It came to the top, and then submerged again. . . I started digging around in the septic tank, up to my shoulders.”

Finally he grabbed the dog by the legs and yanked him out. Scottie looked lifeless, so Mr Hatterer rinsed him under the spigot. “I grasped with my hand around his snout and blew into his snout. He blew up like a balloon, then I squeezed the air out of him, four or five times. Then he started coughing and puking up sewage.” He drove the dog to the vet, and today the dog is fine.

As we are currently experiencing some unpleasant toilet problems here at the Scottie News‘ world headquarters, we can fully appreciate — more than 10 years after the fact — Mr. Hatterton’s valiant dog rescue. And we also sympathize fully with his dog-owning client, who, for whatever reason, had come to be on such good terms with his septic tank pumper.

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