Pregnant Scottish Terrier seized in puppy mill raid

The shelter manager pointed out that “the power is with the buyer.” She said that if people refuse to buy from puppy mills, the operations will close.

In other related news, last week, ABC ran a special report on Amish puppy mills including video:

The Amish are widely viewed as plain, peaceful people. Reclusive and private, most people only catch glimpses of them as they make their way through the hills of Pennsylvania’s Dutch County in buggies.
A ‘Nightline’ investigation into the secret world

But some of their perfectly manicured farms are home to a secret world. Lancaster County has been called the puppy mill capital of the U.S., and the trade is largely dominated by the Amish.

4 thoughts on “Pregnant Scottish Terrier seized in puppy mill raid

  1. This is so true! yet people still either don’t recognize a puppy mill or feel that by purchasing a puppy from them they are “rescuing” that dog (when in fact they are supporting them!). A young person I work with is always talking about how bad puppy mills are and how they need to be eliminated and yet she turned around and actually Ordered a “designer” mixed breed from one! She had no clue that by Ordering that puppy she was adding to the abuse of that poor dam!

  2. The look on that Scottish terrier’s face is one of the saddest I have ever seen. I pay close attention to my Scottie’s expression and I have never seen anything close to what this picture shows. I hope these dogs will find happiness in their new lives

  3. We just rescued a dog that was left for dead in an abandoned puppymill, He is healthy, happy and loves his kong!!!! I hate what people are capable of!!!

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