Your Scottish Terrier photos plus a Westie bonus

Every now and then the Scottie News features photos of readers’ dogs. Enjoy the eye candy and feel free to send us your pictures for the next instalment:

Shades of gray

These pictures may be black and white but Artie (left)
and Piper (right) sure do brighten up the day

International Scots

Blacky and Suska, from Estonia, cozy up (above). Seen below
is Chica, we didn’t know they had reindeer in Portugal…

Terrible Terrific two’s

One Scottie is great but two are better. Clockwise from top left:
Franklin and Andie’s Scotties, Sebastian meets Basil, Rocky
and Zoe chow down on dog cake – being a superhero is ruff while
Becky and Zena (bottom) sit pretty

Snow white

Above: Wheatens, Scout and Bonnie (far right) and Chica,
the Westie (bottom) are all visions in white

Everyone’s best friend

Elliot snuggles up to his family

Strike a pose

Whether it’s a close-up like Brutus(top left) or Sebastian
(top right) or working an imaginary runway like Callie
(bottom), these dogs know that the world is a stage

All dressed up and nowhere to go…

While Piper flaunts a traditional Scottish kilt, Scout sports a
bee costume. Middle: row: Is Molly the princess thinking of her
very own Darth Vader, Odie. Below, demure dame Nicki shows off
her polka dots

And they called it puppy loving…

Piper (left) checks out equally cute Scout (top right) and Mashka (bottom

Scottie art

For more great Scottish Terrier art,
click here

Looking sharp

Ending on a high note, here’s Mashka (left) and Sebastian (left)

Thanks to my fabulous research assistant for putting this all together.

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