Scottish Terrier has a rabbit pal

Unfortunately, the last rabbit to visit our house, back in the pre-Scottie days, got itself trapped behind a steam radiator on one of the coldest days of the year, and its corpse had to be pried out with a crowbar before it could be put to rest on the frozen Laurentian shield.

The worst of it all was that he was a classroom pet entrusted to us for a long weekend. It must be said, however, that he was a lot more skittish than the the eeerily calm bunny in this video.

RIP, Clair de Lune. (2002-2003)

3 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier has a rabbit pal

  1. My dog (a Norwich terrier) ignores squirrels, but he just loves to chase bunnies. We saw a bunny while we were taking his morning constitutional, and my boy went nuts. Good thing he was on a leash or the Easter Bunny would be toast!

  2. i wish my scottie would be like that with bunnies. we’d love to adopt one (a bunny) but i think we’d come home to Nature Red in Tooth and Claw!

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