Scottish Terrier puppy destroys Blackberry

The damage is awful, but we’d like to see the guilty Scottie pup:

The owner clearly needs to get one of these.

My Scottish Terrier, Bridget, almost never chews anything anymore save for the occasional paper, but when she was a puppy she had a wire fetish and destroyed the wires to our very old DVD and box, rendering the whole obsolete and irreplaceable system useless. Then she ate through the central telephone wire box so that we had no land line for weeks as our phone supplier — Rogers I’m talking about you — screwed up big time.

Finally, she caused much tween girl angst by biting through a much prized and overpriced pair of Uggs.

Does your Scottie seek and destroy? If so, what are the preferred objects and damage inflicted?

10 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier puppy destroys Blackberry

  1. Of puppies, I’ve had three Scotties and a Cairn Terrier. Never had a chewy problem until this last little fella.(Okay – there was that unfortunate incident with our Cairn and the cat food tin – but that was only once.) Wicket is our 10 mo Scottie and a chewing, gnawing machine of destruction. We spend a lot of time answering the question: What does Wicket have in his mouth? He’s chewed through flash lights, broom handles, telephone books, leashes, anything that happens to land on the floor is open game. We are a four dog house — so, as you can imagine, we have a plethora of acceptable chew toys…but facial tissues are just too irresistable (shred). The last puppy…this is the LAST puppy!!!

  2. I’ve had many a Scottie puppy and I must say that most of them have been very good and I have to admit that the items destroyed have been, on the most part, my own darned fault. Like the time I forgot to close my closet door and lost 3 (yes 3!) pairs of shoes (only one shoe from 3 pairs) and when I delayed in wrapping the claw feet of my antique daybed with old rags and the poor thing lost a few carved toes. One trend seems to be apparent…Scotties do tend to have expensive taste, they only go for the pricey items, are irreplaceable or things that have your smell on them.

  3. When Kirk was a pup, she got into digging plants up and chewing them. We have a lovely garden that mum keeps perfect, untill the digging started, then it was a nightmare. We ended up with plastic & wires around every plant and just hoping everything we forgot would grow back. Kirk knew mums favourites around the garden and would 'stalk' them (I swear!)Lasted for about 9 months and has never chewed since.

  4. Ozzie chewed the wires to our stereo (which are under the couch) twice; the rungs on 3 out of 4 dining chairs; and the dining room carpet (along the baseboards). But Angus — oh my! Angus chewed the front of my recliner, many many pairs of shoes, 2 remote controls and, not to put others to shame, the baseboards and PLASTER WALLS in our living room and dining room. I hae never seen a dog chew walls. Needless to say, we have to make sure we always have a supply of nylabones on hand. He pretty much is out of that chewing stage now.

  5. Tartan as a puppy gnawed on my shoes as if they were raw-hides. But the worst damage was when he escaped from the kitchen while I was away at work and tore into my favorite childhood doll. The destruction led from the front door all the way into my bedroom.

    Today he prefers to tear into cardboard boxes.

  6. I would say anything my scottie could get his jaws on is fair game. Chair rungs, controllers, beach chairs, bike pedals, sofa lining, and just recently wiring. Anything with a human scent is extra yummy…old socks (a favorite), old t-shirts, sweaters, and various unmentionables (second favorite(s))…

    As we can all attest, scotties have big teeth that don’t like to let go, so let’s just say we’re all glad they were made short

  7. Gordon loved wood as a puppy, despite the mountain of Nyla bones, chew toys, and tugs we provided. Somehow he would manage to find wood blocks in the garden and backyard that no one had ever seen before, but the worst damage was in the house: he chewed walls, moldings, and the hardwood floors.

  8. My Mason will chew through the metal caps on baby food jars, but he loves to skin baseballs and tennis balls, which our OCD-Golden Retriever loves even above food. I will find the outer hull of these balls around the yard and our poor Bailey sitting rather sadly next to Mason who is usually feigning deafness when I demand that he cease and desist.

  9. Ms. Amazin Grace has, on two occasions, gotten into my purse and shredded a total of $60. There was enough left each time to take the fragments into the bank for replacement. I didn’t have the nerve to go to the same bank twice.

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