Terrierman gets down and dirty about Crufts

Warning: It’s not pretty and you might be offended.

Update: For those who prefer pretty.

5 thoughts on “Terrierman gets down and dirty about Crufts

  1. He has the best informational blog All of us who own and love scottish terriers must think very carefully about the future of our breed.

  2. I have to admit that I haven’t read his blog, although from what I’ve read in the past on this site, and from what the previous poster commented, I believe he must have some substantive ideas. Having *extremely* mean-spirited – and sophomoric. Every news story on diet or obesity looks for unflattering shots of unfortunate people, shot at the most unfortunate angles. (Just as every new story about smoking seems to find it necessary to include pictures of people smoking, as if we dont’ know what smoking is). Terrierman might not like the business of dog shows for some good reasons, but singling out overweight dog lovers (and posting their pictures in this manner) just seems downright mean.

    And yes, I was offended, and I have to say that it was his mean-spirited comments that I found “not pretty…”

  3. Oops… I left out something from my post… It should read,

    “Having said that, I find this story *extremely* mean-spirited and sophomoric.”

  4. If I didn’t know I was home in the USA during the Crufts show, I would have thought one of those big arses was mine! I guess I just take it with a grain of salt. I try to breed the healthiest and nicest Scotties I can, that conform to the Standard for a true working Scottish Terrier and the conformation ring is confirmation that I have done my job. People (in and out of the ring) seem to miss the point that a “champion” only means that that dog fits the type in structure, temperament and attitude and should be bred to continue the existence of the breed as it is known…not for self-glorification. I love Scotties and I want these lovable furry friends to be in existence for generations to come.

  5. This is one of the reasons I don’t regularly read Patrick’s blog: His tendency toward vitriolic rant and self-centered smugness quickly overshadows the solid reporting of dog news. There are other web sources that don’t pride themselves on their offensiveness.

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