An Update on Scottie-dissing Vladimir Putin

Ex-President George W. bush is still telling the story about when Bad Vlad Putin met Barney, his pet Scottish Terrier. According to a report on Dubya’s visit to Calgary today

(The former prez) told a story he said he had recently related to Canadian) Prime Minister Stephen Harper, about introducing Vladimir Putin to his Scottish Terrier, Barney. To Putin, the dog “looked like a Monopoly piece.” Later, in Russia, Putin asked Bush if he would like to meet his dog. “So out bounds this huge hound,” said Bush. Putin looked at Bush: “Faster, stronger and bigger than Barney,” Putin, then president of Russia, told Bush.

Quipped Harper when Bush finished the story: “At least he only showed you his dog.”

Who knew that Harper had such a naughty sense of humour. Wonder if he knows about Putin’s secret poodle.

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