West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Booty Shake Video

Oh, dear. Please take this poor Westie dog to have its anal glands squeezed.

Question: Does your groomer squeeze glands or is it the vet?

6 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Booty Shake Video

  1. My groomer does it. They call it ‘HYGIENE” and charge $14 for it! And they clean her ears, trim her butt (nothing worse than a Wheaton Scottie with a dirty bum…) too. Then nails are $10. It adds up to some real cash eventually. I had to give up MY pedicures to keep both dogs nails done. That’s just soooo wrong somehow. The vet will do their nails too for the same price. I have to take the old Malti-poo to the vet cuz he has to be muzzled to trim his nails and the groomer won’t deal with Mr Grumpy butt. He’s 16 and quite the grumpy old man.

  2. My Vet does it. Last time he said “you know I could teach you to do this at home.” My response was; “No Thanks, that’s what I pay you for!” Some things are just not worth it!

  3. The groomers here refuse to do it. They say it is a medical procedure. The Vet says ‘they just don’t want to deal with the mess’. My vet trained me to do it. When it’s done externally, and you are careful, it is no problem. When mine go to vet for other things, I have the glands checked as part of their well pet check up. Let the vet do the internal ’emptying’ — definitely!

  4. Our groomer does it, however Duhgall needs his glands done about every 3-4 weeks. I have tried it before but it does smell and I’d rather have the vet or groomer do it. The vet told me to use a glove, lubricant jelly and insert a finger into the rectum. Place your fingers at 2 and 11 (like on a clock) and squeeze up. The glands feel like lima beans. When you squeeze and express the glands upwardly, the fluids release. Just be sure to not inhale when this happens.


  5. It’s our groomer but I don’t think they do a good job because twice I’ve had vets comment that one of her glands was full just three weeks after a grooming.

    Our poor wheatie girl is at the vet right now as they decide her fate regarding an intestinal blockage 🙁

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