What a pair! Wheaten and black Scottish Terriers

Black and wheaten Scottish Terriers
Scampering Scotties , originally uploaded by Scampering Scotties.

We’re celebrating the beginning of spring with a long weekend.

Please feel free to chat away in the comments. If any Scottish Terriers make it into the headlines while we’re gone, we’re relying on you to post the links. (Please, please, please, let no AIG bonus recipients have a Scottie.)

Happy Spring everybody.

7 thoughts on “What a pair! Wheaten and black Scottish Terriers

  1. Good Morning,

    We enjoy reading Scottish Terrier and Dog news but is one of the few Scottish Terrier blogs that we could find on the internet. So we talked Mom into helping us blog. Take a minute and come over and visit us and see what we’re up to. We’d love to have you.

    Lilly, Piper and Carrleigh

  2. I just logged into read your blog and had to take a second to make sure I was reading the right link– thanks for posting the kids!! Brodie and Caolin are super excited to be featured on your blog– they love looking at the pictures you post of fellow scotties!

    Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love Scottish terriers. I have one and his name is Angus. Dumb he may be he’s so lovable. I lobe this site.

  4. i’m a westie but love my scottish cousins. always nice to stop by and see what news there is today. please visit brrrodie blog and see how the change in seasons is intriguing me.

    your pal

    brrrodie th’ westie

  5. The picture is beautiful and the comments are great I must check out the Scampering Scotties and the Brrrodie th’ Westie as I have one of each – salt and pepper for sure but the BEST of BOTH worlds…

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