Car wreck victim searches for lost Scottish Terrier

Meghan Nicholson is looking for Jack the Scottie, who ran into the woods after their accident on the I-40 near Winston Salem:

Jack was a gift from Nicholson’s father, Frank Cole Nicholson Jr., who decided that his daughter needed a dog to protect her when she moved into an off-campus apartment when she was a senior at N.C. State University.

When her father was struggling at this time last year with the end stages of prostate cancer, Jack became more than just a companion. He became a cherished link between father and daughter, one final way for a dad to look after the safety of his not-so-little-girl.

Frank Nicholson died April 27. He was 62. “Dad loved that dog from Day One,” Nicholson said. “We’re huge dog lovers, my dad and me. Jack was his little buddy.”

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