Closeted men who love small dogs: Eliot Spitzer

Many male politicians are ashamed of their small “girly” dogs including, it seems, Eliot Spitzer, who has a lot bigger things to be ashamed of.

But, wait, Eliot Spitzer has, according to Newsweek magazine, reformed and he no longer fears that his image will suffer if he’s seen with his Bichon Frise.

Dogs have needs that transcend damage control. And so the first images of Eliot Spitzer, private citizen, were of a man in baggy sweatpants, trailing after his wheaten terrier, James. The photographers followed them. “I explained to James that he was a good-looking dog,” Spitzer recalls. “People wanted to take his picture.” He didn’t know what he would encounter outside his door, but there was nothing he could do about it. “You put up barriers and sort of prepare yourself.”

Spitzer kept walking the dog through the last bitter days of winter. The photographers lost interest. By summer he was an Upper East Side curiosity—Whatever happened to Eliot? I don’t know, was a common answer, but I’ve seen him walking his dog.

A year later, he is still walking. Now he has a new companion. When he was a young politician with a tough-guy reputation, he preferred to walk only James and leave Jesse, the other family dog, at home. Jesse is a bichon frisé, the kind of dog that blue-haired women leave their fortunes to. “I wouldn’t take her out in public,” Spitzer recently explained. “I thought James was the better image for me.” Now, most any weekend, he can be seen trailing after both animals. “It’s like, OK, I have a bichon, a little white ball of fluff … I don’t care. What do you have to lose?”

Poor Jesse, what must have he thought all those times he was left at home alone, a casualty of his master’s image control?

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