Do you allow dogs in your bed?

In our house, Scottish Terriers are permitted to lounge on the couch but not the bed. Personally, I find it more pleasant to have a dog on the couch to snuggle than for me to have to sit with them on the hard floor. It also helps, of course that terriers aren’t big shedders and the couch remains relatively hair free. I see, no advantages, however, to a dog in bed.

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  1. Piper is permitted up on the couches, with the exception of the one with the Hudsons Bay blanket on it, but the bed is taboo. Luckily she likes both her crate and the doggie bed, she starts the night in the crate at the end of our bed and migrates to the living room sometime about dawn.

  2. Bonnie sleeps with us, but it is mainly to protect our 16 yr old malti-poo. He sleeps in his crate or on a dog bed, but once Bonnie turned a year old, she wanted to take over as alpha dog. I only trust them together when I am present. Our bed is very tall and she can’t get off without me knowing about it. This way peace is maintained throughout the night. I could lock her in her crate, but this seems to be best all around. Everybody gets a good night sleep.

  3. I have 2 Scotties and they both sleep on the bed. One usually like to sleep between my boyfriend and I and the other above our head on our pillows! I like having them there, and they really aren’t that disturbing although they’ve had their moments! I’m afraid I’m too far in now! They’d never go back to the floor. Plus our bed is a platform bed, so they can both easier jump on and off.

  4. I generally disapprove of dogs on the bed but after we got our youngest who has a habit of waking up earlier than our older Scottie & fussing, we seem to have got ourselves in the habit of putting both dogs up on our bed (trying to stay at the foot for some boundaries!) after they've been out early to keep it quiet & get a bit more snoozing in. It tends to be about an hour or so at most but isn't a habit I wanted to get into. Puppy is now 8 mos old & doesn't seem to be growing out of it (any surprise there?) We have tried leaving her instead, and she has won this battle! I'd rather this not go on for the rest of our lives though…!

  5. Kirk is allowed on my bed on her own blanket, but never in it or on my quilt. At night she sleeps downstairs in her own bed, except when she’s upset and then she’ll make a go for it on her blanket,(but I tend to move a lot in my sleep and she often gives up.)

  6. And then there’s me — I can’t sleep unless I’m surrounded by my 3Scotties, my husband and his Cockapoo. Fortuntely, we have a king size bed. It’s the best part of my day. We’re all together and we’re all safe in our “pack”.

  7. Biggest mistake I ever made… Ozzie thinks it is his bed and he gets quite annoyed when you try to move him… unless, of course, you gently wake him up first!

  8. I’m with Forever – when we get into bed for the night, it’s my husband, our two Scotties, and me. We also have a king and we all snuggle up – I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s right, it’s a pack thing!

    Now, to be fair, when I had really big dogs in the past, they were allowed up on the bed until it was lights out and then they went to their own beds on the floor – but that was when our bed (and we!) was smaller and our dogs were bigger! 🙂

  9. Duncan sleeps at my feet. He’s allowed to do so because he doesn’t make a fuss. If I have a restless night, he moves to the padded trunk at the foot of the bed. We have four dogs but, like the Three Bears: One’s too big, One’s too small, one’s too growly when your foot touches him. But – Duncan? Duncan is just right.

    All dogs, including Duncan, are allowed on the bed by invitation only. Duncan waits at on the floor every night until he hears – “OK,” pat, pat, pat, “up.” Then up he comes and flops down using the closest ankle as a pillow.

  10. My dogs have always slept with me. They are a great comfort and usually sleep better than I do. Our newest addition, Bella, goes right to sleep the minute she hits the bed. Gotta love a well-trained baby!

    Jody in NJ

  11. My dogs start the night on their bed but then somehow when I wake up in the morning they are sleeping with my husband and I 🙂 My husband gets annoyed that I bring up the dogs in the middle of the night but I find that they are better to cuddle with than he is!

    If I want to sleep throughout the night I do put them up on the bed before lights out (our bed is to high for them to jump up or down on their own).

  12. Clara gets most ‘put out’ if we tell her to sleep on her own bed! She much prefers ours. If it’s really hot and she stays on the floor, it’s always on dirty cloths, not her own bed.

  13. YES, all FIVE of our Scotties and at the same time! Yes indeed these five Scotties generate so much heat we have to turn on the AC in winter. Each has their own spot. Ocassionaly I try to convince one of them to scootch over a bit but in the end the Scotties win.

    How could anyone NOT allow their Scotties to share a bed?

  14. I forgot to mention — I bought some of those $20 Doggy Steps so that my Scotties could climb up on the bed! They have all mastered it! When we had our An’GUS, he was able to jump up on the bed!!! And he let me use his tummy as a pillow. He was so special. It’s so nice to see all the people who sleep with their Scotties. I think all these little guys really enjoy that part of the day and being with their people.

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