From the archives in honour of the jubilee – Famous Scottish Terriers: Queen Victoria’s Laddie

Princess Victoria with Laddie the Scottish TerrierFinally a photo, and a good one at that, of Queen Victoria Princess Victoria, the queen’s namesake daughter, and the family Scottish Terrier, Laddie. It comes from a fabulous Italian site with pictures of all sorts of famous Scotties and their owners. There’s a handsome young Bogie, a sweet Bette Davis and the notorious Eva Braun, all in photos I don’t recall seeing before.

Grazie, and our heartfelt sympathies about that awful earthquake.

And, of course, you can read even more about famous Scottish Terriers and their owners — ranging from FDR to Tatum O’Neal — by clicking on the label below.

10 thoughts on “From the archives in honour of the jubilee – Famous Scottish Terriers: Queen Victoria’s Laddie

  1. Not being one to let a nit go by unpicked, the photo is actually one of Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter.

  2. I did think she looked a little slender for Queen V.

    Good thing you alerted the Scottie News, Rick.

    I will correct it pronto. You weren’t nitpicking at all.

  3. It's not Queen Victoria, it's not even one of her daughters, it's one of her granddaughters! The lady is Princess Victoria of Wales, second daughter of Edward VII.

  4. Rick is usually a pretty reliable source so I am going to have to ask for some citations here in order to get this royal controversy sorted out.

  5. I know my history, thank you. And I hate to see inaccuracy. This lady is Princess Victoria of Wales. Edward VII's middle daughter. Her youngest sister was Queen Maud of Norway and her favourite brother was George V.
    She looks so unlike Queen Victoria & Empress Victoria it's not true.
    Those citations are accurate. It's not confusing once you learn who they all are.

  6. Er, I don’t think this is Queen Victoria’s daughter either. I’m not sure, but I *think* this is Princess Victoria (Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary; 6 July 1868 – 3 December 1935). Queen Victoria was her grandmother. She was Edward VII’s daughter.

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