George Bush now stoops and scoops for Barney

The Dallas News reports that life is a lot different now for ex-first dog Barney and his owner the former, president:

“The president) said this is the first time Barney’s ever had a walk,” Bush friend Jim Francis said of the family dog, who previously had his own home page on the White House Web site.

Nowadays, the Scottish terrier has downsized from the Rose Garden to a quiet cul-de-sac in North Dallas. When Barney recently left a “deposit” on a neighbor’s yard, Bush told a private Canadian audience, the former president “put on one of these little plastic bags and reached out … and it dawned on me [that] for eight years I was dodging this stuff and now I’m picking it up.”

The remark no doubt drew a laugh from 1,500 people who paid $315 a plate to hear Bush speak in Calgary last month. And it fits with the humanizing image Bush has seemed to cultivate since leaving office.

I’m rather puzzled by the line about this being Barney’s first walk. Perhaps, Francis means first suburban stroll. Doesn’t the white house have its own dog handler to exercise the pets and look after their other needs?

And, finally, something that’s always bothered the Scottie News — why does Miss Beazley never get any attention? What is she, chopped liver? Talk about the dog that lives in the shadows of a favoured sibling.

3 thoughts on “George Bush now stoops and scoops for Barney

  1. It is know in small circles that the first lady and miss Beazly do not live at the same house. I am not sure if this is true.

  2. Hmmm, I’m always sceptical of “it is known in small circles” rumours. However, if we can get Miss Beazley’s groomer to act as Deep Throat and back this up, then we will have a major scoop.

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