In Australia, Scottish Terriers frolic in garden

Hugo was trying to hunt for lizards, but Winnie wanted to play and forced him down. According to his owner:

He doesn’t do that much at all so it was great to capture it on camera! He does quite alot more jumping around (on and off beds etc) because his legs are longer than Winnie’s.

Scottie News remarked on Winnie’s and Hugo’s lovely glossy coats and learned:

We have had scotties always and used to groom them ourselves, but the clippers aren’t working lately. So we are going to a great dog grooming parlour near us. The groomer does all different breeds, she is very talented.

We live in Brisbane, Australia. It can get very hot here so when we have them cut we have a ‘fake skirt’. So the entire belly is shaved underneath, with a skirt only about 6cms wide to give the effect. We grow them out quite fluffy in the winter time for some warmth but always keep them short and traditionally cut in the summer time.

There aren’t many scottish terriers around in Australia, in particular Brisbane so we had to have Winnie sent down on a plane from Townsville (North Queensland), and Hugo flown over from Perth (Western Australia).

Looks like these two Scotties got lucky.

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  1. Bridget is a growler — at other dogs not people, but it’s just her way of communicating. It’s not meanness. She actually growls while playing with them and sometimes it freaks the other dogs’ owners out.

  2. When my boys are playing, you would think one of them is being murdered! Funny thing though, its my Westie that makes all the noise! Angus, my Scottie, hardly ever makes any sounds but when he does…..

  3. Hello.

    I’m wanting to have my Scottie groomed and cut in Brisbane – could you advise me of the talented groomer who cuts your dogs ?

    I’m having no luck since returning from Scotland.

    Kind Regards

    Dale Muirhead

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