My Scottie’s an obsessive stick chewer

Sometimes at the dog park, she just hangs out chewing sticks and ignores all the other dogs. Do any reader dogs have this issue?

10 thoughts on “My Scottie’s an obsessive stick chewer

  1. no, but my male ignores all other dogs except female golden retriever! he is in love with all female golden retrievers! 😉

  2. Mine is obsessed with chewing leaves. Sometimes he’ll even pretend like he needs to go outside to relieve himself, but instead goes in search of leaves to chew.

  3. You are not alone. The first thing Cambria does when we visit the in-laws is find a stick (their backyard is covered in huge trees & as a result of this, sticks). She loves to chew on sticks. Of course, it usually ends in a 3am vomit fest, so I try to keep her from chewing too much.

  4. It must be Scottie-wood thing!! After Angus quit chewing our baseboards, he started on twigs, bark, etc. He will drop it when he is told though!

  5. Yes, my 2 year old Scottie LOVES to chew sticks. She also very fond of mulch (which is very bad). She has even stood and trimmed a small bush for us. Aren’t we lucky? NOT. Fortunately though, she doesn’t seem to ingest them – just chews them into a zillion pieces. She’s forever trying to come bounding back into the house with some huge branch in her mouth too. Yeah, like I won’t see that?!

  6. Our pervious Cairn terrier ate bushes, sticks, fences, decking, etc. When we got out scotty, Bonnie started in on the stick thing too. After a couple of weekend emergency vet trips and warnings from the vet…we ‘broke’ her of stick eating. We do the drop it or leave it command and give her a treat. Basically, we are trained to remove the sticks from her mouth or prevent them from getting into her mouth in the first place. Fortunately at the dog park she is more interested in zooming around like a crazy dog for about an hour, then she plops down too tired to chew anything. I know in my heart if we don’t watch her outside, she’ll revert back to stick/grass/leaf chewing….it must be a terrier trait.

  7. YES! Wendell loves sticks, mulch, leaves, etc. He often tries to smuggle small sticks into the house. I found one on my pillow last week. So odd.

  8. Yes our female loves to chew on sticks anytime she is outside. She swallows them too, unfortunately. So far she hasn’t had any issues with swallowing them. We can always spot her “business” from our male’s as it looks like mulch. We find sticks in the house too all the time.

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