Obamas get flack for Bo’s non-rescue background

When we got Bridget, various people gave me flack for getting a purebred so I’m not surprised to see the Obamas in trouble over not just their new puppy’s bloodlines but his Kennedy connection.

I hope Bo’s breeders aren’t subjected to the kind of craziness that hit the breeders of Joe Biden’s German Shepherd:

“I thought when Joe Biden bought a puppy from me, what an honor,” Brown said. “Out of millions of breeders in the country, in the world, he picked me.”

The glow dimmed almost immediately.

Following a story about Brown and Biden in the Daily Local News, readers posted 131 comments, some chiding Biden for having the Secret Service with him when he went puppy shopping and others complaining he did not get the dog from a shelter.

Brown was taken to task for selling pedigree dogs.

Some people really need to chill out. That’s the official editorial position of the Scottie News.

3 thoughts on “Obamas get flack for Bo’s non-rescue background

  1. Well, the dog is a semi-rescue. He was returned to the breeder after the family that originally adopted him couldn't keep him. Also, the breeder is very reputable. This is their website: http://amigopwd.home.att.net/

    Some friends of mine know the breeder through the show circuit & have considered getting one of their dogs themselves.

  2. I’ve had 2 rescue scotties, one from a puppy mill. Harry had so many problems, but I loved him so much. I would like to do another adult rescue again some day. I currently have two breed rescue scotties that I got as puppies, and I feel guilty they aren’t more of a rescue challenge. But, I feel strongly that the Obama family did the right thing by accepting the puppy from Ted Kennedy. It’s not fair to a rescue dog to be adopted by a family with virtually no dog experience, and with two young children looking to have a positive relationship with a dog. Everyone who has adopted a rescue dog knows what challenges they bring–and they are definitely worth it–but you really need to have some background in caring for them and working with them to overcome abuse, neglect, fear of men, eating disorders, With my Harry I was surprised to learn that housebreaking was a real challenge for a while because he had no experience with being on grass and no inclination related to smelling and sniffing in order to return to spots he used–because he lived in a cage for 4 years and smells were just something he lived with. That’s not fair to give to a family looking to adopt their first dog. That’s just my opinion.

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