Scottish Terrier attacks vacuum cleaner

What a brave Scottish Terrier he is. Our Bridget flees the scene when the vacuum comes out of the closet.

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6 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier attacks vacuum cleaner

  1. Both of my boys hate the vacuum cleaner (even when it is not running) but my Westie is the worst he just barks and barks and tries to get the cord!

  2. with my scottish is the opposite! he loves the vacuum cleaner, always follows it, and tries to play with it! We need to close him in a room to clean the house! is the same with the hose! he is hallucinated with hoses!!

  3. Kirk has an hatred of anything that cleans.
    She will happily attack the vacuum cleaner, car hose, brooms, mops, dusters, the shower, a soap bar, hair brush, (not to mention the dog shampoo bottles.)
    I'm convinced she would love me & her to just lay in dirt for the rest of our lives!

  4. My Mac attackes the vaccum cleaner with great intensity, like it needs to be put in its place. He destroyed my vc tube so I gave it to him and bought a new vc. So he has his own “Mr. Vaccum Cleaner” to play with.
    He is also happy to attack brooms, mops, hoses–esp. the last if the water is on.

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