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Not only are we the top website for Scottish Terriers in the headlines and for our coverage of topics like Scottie grooming and names, we are also, as you can see, the naughtiest Scottie site there is. Browsing this page will give you a quick feel for just some of what the Scottie News has to offer.

You can get the background on that topless photo of Abigail Stewart and Pippi by Howard Christopherson of Icebox Studio here.

Scottish Terrier Puppies

So you want a Scottish Terrier puppy? Check out how much Scottie dogs cost, how to avoid puppy mills, and scan our breeder lists for a Scottish Terrier kennel in your area

Scottish Terrier puppies in a basket scottie pups, originally uploaded by ickyfisher44.

Can you count all the pups above? There are nine, making their mother a nonomom. There are many more super cute Scottish Terrier puppy photos and videos in the archives. Here’s a sample:

For still more information check out Amazon’s selection of Scottie guidebooks and the Scottie News list of recommended products for a Scottish Terrier puppy

Scottish Terrier Rescue

If you think you would like to rescue a Scottish Terrier, grab a box of Kleenex and read through the Scottie rescue archives including the tear-inducing stories of Gwen, Douglas and Monty. Scottie rescue organizations include:


United States

United Kingdom (including Ireland)

Scottish Terrier Training

Even fans of naughty Scottie owners prefer their own dogs well behaved, so here are some tips on how to train your Scottish Terrier:

Once your Scottish Terrier has mastered basic obedience, you might want to sign your dog up for earthdog or agility training. Show this video of Hitchcock, a champion agility Scottie, to anyone who says Scottish Terriers are too stubborn to train. And for even more inspiration and information on Scottie dog training, don’t forget our archives.

Scottish Terrier grooming

Scottish Terriers getting ready for bath
Click this print for details and to see others like it for sale on Amazon

We love shaggy Scotties and think the clean shave has its uses, but for a traditional Scottish Terrier cut, you need a groomer who knows their stuff. Here’s the Scottie Newslist of dog groomers recommended by our readers:

  • Grooming by Gia: 1503 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64 111, (816)-561-DOGS
  • Ollie’s Kingdom: Chicago’s West Lakeview Neighbourhood, IL
  • Doggy Dooz: 1111 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, (773)-472-9944 *He grooms Oprah’s dogs
  • The Pet Stop: Library Rd, Pittsburgh, PA
  • The Pet Salon: 2101 Greentree Rd # B109, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, (412) 279-5331
  • Pawtique Pets: 12206 Copper Way Ste 136, Charlotte, NC 28277, (704) 544-9515
  • Wendy’ Doghouse: 4207 E. 54th St, Minneapolis, MN, 55417, (612)-726-1740
  • Su-Ets Kennels: 10631 Prospect Ave, Santee, CA 92071, (619) 448-8760
  • Lucky Dog: 2326 Cotner Ave, Rancho Park, Los Angeles, CA 90064, +1 (310)-479-5552
  • Rachel’s Happy Tails: 4475 Treat Blvd, Concord, CA 94521, (925)-521-1120
  • High-Stone Pet Lodge: 7419 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75235, (214) 637-3647
  • Helen Krisco: Bethesda, MD
  • Second Tub: 3435 Eglinton Avenue West, Mississauga, ON, 905-891-DOGS
  • Le Pitou Propre: 4485 rue de Lanaudière, Montreal, QC , H2J3P3, (514)-521-0161
  • Timmie’s: 1178 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON (416) 406-4999 *Bridget’s Groomer
  • Yamakazi College: Tokyo, Japan

If you would rather go the do it yourself route, check out this article on grooming your Scottish Terrier at home. And then of course, there’s terrier stripping, which is what the show dogs have done and which requires lots of time and patience. Our complete grooming archives feature photos, trash talking groomers and dog stylists to the stars, but the biggest hit of all is this Scottie grooming video.

Scottish Terrier names

What should you call a Scottish Terrier? Our list of names for Scotties (and Westies too) includes the classics like Angus, Finlay, Jock, Annabelle, Molly and Fiona along with more than 100 original suggestions from our readers. And the award goes to… Beamer as in Beam’er up Scotty.

Famous Scottish Terriers

The popularity of the Scottish Terrier has been on the wane since the 1920s and 1930s when Scotties were the ‘it dog’ and pet of choice for both Hollywood stars and presidents. While they still have a select circle of devotees, including a handful of celebrities, they lag far behind the current number one terrier, the sadly cursed Yorkie, and and their Scottish cousin, the West Highland Terrier, for whom they are often mistaken.

Scottish Terriers to the stars

  • Lena – Tatum O’Neal’s beloved Scottish Terrier, whose death “set her off”
  • Dublin – American Idol winner, David Cook’s Scottie
  • Puppy Dearest – Joan Crawford’s Scottie
  • Duffy – Julie Andrews’ wheaten Scottish Terrier
  • Corkey – Shirley Temple’s Scottish Terrier
  • Tibby – Bette Davis’ Scottish Terrier puppy
  • Jock – from Lady and the Tramp
  • African Queen and Kane Mutiny – Humphrey Bogart’s Scotties (We’re not sure who that is below)


Scottish Terriers with a White House connection

First Dog Fala
You can buy the book First Dog Fala on Amazon. Click the image to find out more.
  • Barney Bush – Remember him? George W. Bush’s late Scottish Terrier who bit a reporter during his last few days in office
  • Whiskie – The Scottie who played Barney in Oliver Stone’s movie, W.
  • Fala – FDR’s beloved Scottish Terrier shares a Washington memorial with his master
  • Scotch and Soda – Ex-president Ronald Reagan is said to have had two Scotties who lived on his ranch, but we can’t find any r
  • Telek and Caaci – President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Scottish Terriers
  • Jessie – Theodore Roosevelt’s Scottie
  • Hootchie – Jackie’ Kennedy Onassis’ childhood Scottish Terrier

Scottie dogs with famous (or infamous owners)

  • Titus – Lech Kaczynski, the Polish President’s Scottish Terrier
  • Laddie – Queen Victoria’s Scottie dog
  • Maggie aka Scottie – Carnegie Mellon University’s mascot Scottish Terrier
  • Burli – Rumoured to be a Scottish Terrier belonging to Hitler, but his existence his never been confirmed. Hitler’s mistress Evan Braun definitely did have two Scotties named Stasi and Negus

Other famous Scottie owners include E.B. White, Dorothy Lamour and Dorothy Parker.

Scottish Terrier Health and Safety

SLO Dog1074, originally uploaded by blackdog8200

Lifespan and hereditary diseases

Great Scots Magazine‘s 2005 Scottish Terrier Health Survey (PDF)revealed some bad news for Scottie lovers. Among other things, nearly half of all Scottish Terriers die from cancer while the lifespan of the breed is just over 10 years. Scottie health issues are very clearly genetic. “Underlying today’s short-lived Scotties appears to be impaired immunity and lack of general genetic fitness as manifested in the breed’s susceptibility (and even predisposition) to cancers,” wrote editor Joseph Harvill. Comparisons between the 1995 and 2005 Great Scots Magazine health survey suggest the breed has lost a tenth of its lifespan in the past decade. Harvill notes that “This is an alarming trend … and may signal the rapid declension in a gene pool which can happen when inbreeding depression reaches critical mass in a small, closed population.”

  • Cerebellar Abiotrophy or Scottie Cramp For information on this degenerative disease, which causes loss of brain cells in the part of the brain responsible for coordinating movement, visit Wobbly Scotties. Past coverage here at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News includes video footage and helpful reader comments. Although Scottie cramp is progressive, ultimately, the dog’s ability to walk will not be affected and it isnot fatal
  • Bladder Cancer or transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder (TCC) Scottish Terriers are at high risk for this cancer. Scottie News has reported on the latest research.
  • Skin allergies plague many breeds of terrier including the Scottie. Over the years, the Scottish Terrier News has collected many suggestions from readers on how to treat allergies


Scotties are a breed at high risk for becoming overweight. According to the AKC, a Scottish Terrier dog should weigh from 19 to 22 pounds (8.6 to 10 kilos) and a bitch from 18 to 21 pounds (8.2 to 9.5 kilos) Our readers’ dogs have a much wider weight range.

Scottish Terriers and swimming

Scotties are built like bricks and should never be around water — even wading pools — unsupervised. Diva was the exception who proved the rule when, after falling off a boat, she swam half a mile to shore.

Please feel free to add your suggestions and/or information in the comments or send an email to scottishterriernews@gmail.com
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13 thoughts on “Ultimate Scottish Terrier Information Page

  1. I loved the Scottie Puppies Playing video…. highlight of my day, especially the part where they are trying to get them to eat, and the grooming part. Makes me want another one!!

  2. Regarding the Scotties and water info, it is true that Scotties are not the best swimmers and they should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear life vests and be supervised. The most important thing is to get a vest that fits properly and will keep them afloat. The first vest we bought for Angus was not bouyant enough for his size. We now have a proper fit and he LOVES to swim!!!

  3. Hi, Ann –
    I very recently lost my boy to seizures and I noticed on the Scottish Terrier Club website that one of the ones up for adoption has a seizure disorder. Does anyone know anything about this?

  4. Love your website, I was just researching cancer in Scotties and came across your site. I lost my “Bonnie Lass” 3 days ago, she was just 5, had an agressive tumor on her intestine and had to let her go. Asolutely lost without her, mornings are really bad, not seeing her, she was my shadow (that should have been her name, Shadow) Have a big vet bill, and not working, but when I get on my feet will probably get another, hopefully from a good breeder with a larger gene pool.

  5. We have two Scotties. Baxter, he is going to be 12 this year and he has always been very mellow. Then we got a girl and she is Bailey and will be 9 this year. She keeps Baxter company. Love these dogs and maybe you can add the name Baxter to your list. His fathers name was Maxwell. Not sure if you had that name or not. Love your website.

  6. i have a 5 month scottie puppy, Miiko
    i been trying to find some info about scottish’s face length, i think my Miiko’s face is slightly short and chubby
    is her face goin to be pointy? so are her ears?
    when do their body stop growing up?


  7. We have a beautiful 9 yr old Scotty named Coty Bear. She had to have a toe amputated due to cancer. Then, about 6 months later, the cancer had retuned and she had to have the entire leg amputated. 8 weeks later, this aggressive cancer has placed major pressure on nerves and she can no longer stand and she is suffering with pain. It’s heartbreaking to have to lay her to rest at only 9 yrs of age. I wish I knew why.. She has always been so full of life.

  8. Hi all.
    I’ve had my Scotty for the upper side of 11 years. His name, Monty.
    He does things his way as he’s a bit stubborn but health wise he’s been a lucky little guy. Three months ago he had 7 teeth removed and two weeks later back to his usual self. At 11, he still plays ball, wants to play and manages to hop into the pickup on time and occasion. I admit he’s not as active but for 11 he’s still pretty spunky. He wants to be everyone’s friend, tail always wagging, happy and care free… all he has ever asked for is love, always at my side, never wanders away. He’s always been a perfect companion and travels well. His favorite toy, a squeaky ball… Sometimes I wonder if he’ll ever grow up!

  9. At this moment I’m sitting next to the beach down in the South of South Africa. My great partner and Scotty , Roxy was diagnosed with cancer. Shes getting a blood transfusion and an emergency operation. My tears are rolling of my cheeks as I know its time to say goodbuy… Roxy , you were my greatest pal… Love you…

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