Watch Scottish-Terrier-on-bunny action

Angus the Scottie warms up for his Easter Bunny hunt with a little bit of football. The rabbit part starts at around 3:30 minutes:

3 thoughts on “Watch Scottish-Terrier-on-bunny action

  1. Be vewy,vewy quite…we’re hunting wabbits…he,he,he…

    Piper was hot on the tail of the Mother in laws chickens on Monday and had gotten a mouthful of tail feathers before I got to her. She was almost Scottie non grata for a second there.

  2. That was good value, if a bit random occasionally with interludes of 'Dad' & his phone & a plane…added to the charm! Angus had at least 1 very near miss of the rabbits and it reminded me of the council playing fields we used to walk in 'Back in Blighty' – good times! 🙂

  3. I just love to watch Scotties run… my Angus hops like a bunny and it makes us laugh! This was such a fun video to watch. Thank you!

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