My life as the Dog Twitterer

Since everyone is talking about Twitter, I might as well do it too. Basically, I agree with everything Saul Hansell of the New York Times said about why Twitter annoys him. And, I would add to that, that all the current Twitter hype is a classic case of the emporer’s lack of new clothes.

Okay, you ask, then why do I call myself Dog Twitterer? In a word, or two or three, ass covering and laziness. Several months ago, I decided to give Twitter a shot even though I found its appeal incomprehensible. I thought the act of tweeting might help me see what it was all about and change my mind. Also, I remembered being the girl who didn’t see how Google was ever going to make a profit (not that I was alone on that) and I thought that, just in case, I should try to corner the market on dog twittering.

But I stand before you today to tell you that Twitter has no clothes and I need a new online name. To hell with dog twittering.

I want my new blog name to be doggy, original and not Scottie specific. I’m open to suggestions if you have any, but please, nothing past tense Twitter like Dog Twat. I’m so over it all.

P.S. I also totally agree with the comments on the Saul Hansell piece. Teenagers absolutely do not twitter. they recognize its sheer uselessness. Over and out.

4 thoughts on “My life as the Dog Twitterer

  1. funny post. Yep, I asked my 21 year old nephew if he twittered and he pretended to not know what it is …guess it is uncool with the kids.

    I added you to my “follow friday” twit. Follow friday is yet another twitter activity I just learned about. It is all rather goofy, but I have seen the call in radio shows use it to great advantage…. imagine the joy of receiving short, to the point questions in that situation.

  2. Tweet me baby eight to the bar…
    Saul doesn't like Twitter because he's a columnist. He's a wordy guy and Twitter is NOT a wordy place. However, it can be a discipline. Like poetry – you can use it to distill a thought, idea, or emotion to it's most basic form and publish for all to read.

    Of course, you can also fill up that 140 character space with poo as well…or use it as a text message…or entice followers to another site…or over tweet, like a bratty child so that you fill up your followers Twitter home with you, you, you. Such is the web…

    I follow the POTUS, NPR, SCobert, and NASA as well as some of my favorite bloggers (shout out to ST&D News, Artpaw, and Auryndesign). If something moves my Tweety friends to post 140 characters – hey – I'm all about finding out what's on their minds.

    As far as teenagers not using the site…not big on worrying about them. They got MySpace and FaceBook and whatever. Take it from a late yeared boomer: contrary to popular belief – the world, the REAL world, does not revolve around them. Thank God.

  3. But Duncki, SH wasn’t complaining about what people say, but rather the system itself and how inconvenient it is.

    Now, not only do you have to check someone’s website but their Twitter feed as well. And is here really any reason why they had to say it on Twitter insted of somewhere more convenient — or is it just because Twitter’s the flavour of the month.

    As for teens, I certainly wouldn’t follow them over a cliff but the fact that they “don’t get” this supposedly wonderful new technology definitely says something to me about the overall wonderfulness or lack of wonderfulness of Twitter.

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