Scottish Terriers on parade at Tartan week

There are definitely more Scotties in this video than there were in the Westie overpopulation photo featured earlier this month, but the Scottish Terriers are still in the minority.

4 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers on parade at Tartan week

  1. I want to take Ozzie and Angus to the parade next year. Has anyone out there had that experience? I would love to know what to expect and any inside tips. It looks like it would be so much fun! Thanks!

  2. Notice how not ONE Scottie is walking all nice and proper next to its human (heeling), but is instead front and center…as it should be.

  3. Hey, I just saw Missy Paulette, my Westie, in her little cart. She is too lazy to walk, so she is pulled along.

    1. We have two Scotties, Murry and McTavish. Murry hates the leash but is our Pet Therapy dog for hospice patients. McTavish could walk for miles. Loved the video.

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