Shaggy Scottish Terrier Photo

Lulu- Scotty Dog, originally uploaded by Kate Mugerditchian.

For every shaggy dog story, there’s a shaggy dog photo.

7 thoughts on “Shaggy Scottish Terrier Photo

  1. I love this shaggy or “Fala” look as I would often describe our Scottie Sammy we lost this year. Sammy Sam, Sam my husband called him. He was a rescue. We didn’t plan on a Scottie, but were looking for a terrier after the passing of a Cairne we had. Sammy became my buddy. He comforted me through chemo and we just had a special bond. He made me laugh and was always open and friendly. He was there to show the ropes to our Molly girl as a pup. I love opening Scottie News everyday. The pictures and videos make me smile and remind me of Sammy. Once you’ve experienced a great Scottie like our Sammy, you will always want a Scottie in your life!

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