Tartan Day: Westies far outnumber single Scottie

Tartan Day, originally uploaded by mysuspira.

Here’s another New York photo illustrating the demographic challenges facing the Scottish Terrier with regard to its West Highland Terrier cousin.

11 thoughts on “Tartan Day: Westies far outnumber single Scottie

  1. here in Brazil is the same thing! at least 5 westies for 1 scottie. Everyone ask if it’s a black westie or a black schnauzer! 🙁

  2. They’re just so darn cute! Not that Scotties aren’t, so I don’t know why Westies outnumber them. When I am walking my boys (I have one of each), lots of people think I have two scotty dogs…

  3. I could count on my left hand the number of Scotties in Liverpool U.K, but Westies are as popular as footballs around here.I often get;
    “Look, it’s a black Scottie, you don’t see many of them these days.”
    … and I never know quite how to put these people right, or wiether to just leave it.
    What did surprise me is I visit Scotland about 8 times a year… all over Scotland, (just can’t get enougth of the place!) Anyways there’s souvineer ‘tack’ with Scotties on everywhere, but I’ve only ever seen about 8 proper dogs, even after 9 years of travelling, it seems gun dogs are more popular up there. When I take Kirk to Scotland, it’s not odd to be asked if people can have their picture taken with her, everyone just seems so shocked when I say “yes” with a Liverpool accent!

  4. I agree with Renan & Tegan… I probably commented before but when we were in the UK with our black Scottie Teagan :-), the majority of people who commented on her either didn't know what she was or called her a Westie. In the US more often people seem to know but say as those in the know in the UK- you never see those! Even our Wheaten girl gets called a Wheaten terrier or a White Scottie but not a Westie (yet..) Westies have obviously got good press though!

  5. Scotties are pretty rare on the ground here in Germany as well, as are Cairns. Westies seem to be two a penny. I also hear the words, “You just don’t see them anymore.” more than not from those who recognize the breed.

  6. I live in Scotland and there are hardly any scotties. We have entered Mac in a few fun dog shows and he has won every one purely because he is a scottie! At one competition he didn’t fit into any of the categories (i.e best behaved dog!) so he was given a special prize of ‘most outstanding dog’ which I’m sure was only because he is such a rarity here.

  7. When we first adopted Angus we took him right to the vet to get checked out. Our vet said, “oh! a scotty… you don’t see many of them around these parts!” and then she commented on whether we lost our minds by having not one, but two, male terriers! It is interesting sometimes, but never boring!

  8. We don’t see many Scotties around here, but I am constantly asked if my Westie is a white Scottie– even had people argue with me that I am wrong and she must be a Scottie since they have never heard of a Westie!!:)

  9. Hey!!! We were there with our two lil scotties, 17 yr old Bucca and 9 yr old Brodie! There were about 10-13 Scotties there altogether but thye were too busy being Scotties to pose fer the paparazzi!

  10. Well I can't disagree. I remember walking Maggie and Angus(my scottie) and these two elderly ladies said, " oh my! That's a scottie! I haven't seen one of those in ages!" But same goes for westies, I know all about them and will be adopting one in spring but I'e seen 3! Cairns, you get the same thing.The scotch breeds aren't popular I guess in Long Island.

  11. hi i have two westies and one scottie, i do agree you dont see meny scottie around i just dont know why they are a beatiful dog and i just cant understand why they are a one person owner, my scottie sonny love people and other dogs of all breed and also my son is 2 and called oliver he love playing with sonny is so gentle with him, i am so happy that i got such a good nature dog

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