Wanted: Jogger-biting Scottish Terrier (or Cairn)

This story about a jogger-nipping canine was a source of dinner table discussion at our world headquarters this evening.

Tompkins County Health Department is trying to contact the owner of a dog that bit a male jogger on the sidewalk connecting College Avenue and Stewart Avenue outside Cascadilla Hall adjacent to the Cascadilla Gorge. The incident occurred about 1 p.m. Monday, April 20.

The biting dog is a black, medium haired, small size, Scottish Terrier type. The dog bit the man as he was jogging past and broke the skin on his leg. The dog owner was a middle aged caucasian female with short brown hair.

My researcher/daughter said “innocent ’til proven guilty” and “it could be a Cairn.”

I was more concerned about the dog owner description, which sounds just like me. I guess we won’t be heading to Ithaca this weekend.

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