What’s good about Scottish Terriers?

Forty-two years of breeding Scottish Terriers and that’s all they can say in their favour? Talk about damning with faint praise.

Let’s take up the challenge and make our own list.

Advantages of Scottish Terriers

  1. Super cute
  2. Super feisty
  3. Spend hours in backyard like a statue in hopes of catching a squirrel, cat or raccoon
  4. Don’t shed much
  5. Don’t destroy the house

Over to you

23 thoughts on “What’s good about Scottish Terriers?

  1. Don’t forget to put on the list how extremely devoted and loving they are to their humans. Although independent and stubborn they always show unconditional love to the humans that they own.

  2. ALSO… great guard dog, she lets us know if anyone is like a mile near our house. A beautiful looking ‘Art Deco’ type of dog, that stands out after a hair cut. A strong dog, despite her size and fast too.
    AND by-the-way a great ‘man puller’, I suppose because she is stocky / muscular and not baby-dollish… men just love to come over and pet her, (which is particularly useful to me as a single female;)

  3. Some Scotties will carry on a conversation. Our first Scotty Watson did “Roos and Rums” and would talk as long as you would talk to him.

    Mandy, only “rums”, but she also will talk as long as you talk to her.

    Rufus thinks the talking thing is a total waste of time.

  4. I hardly think if I were the reporter I would have ended the interview with “that was brilliant”.

    Scotties are a “huge dog in a small body” and would fight to the death to protect the person to whom they are devoted. They truly deserve their nickname – “the diehard”.

    Rocky Creek Scotties

  5. I think either the reporter wasn’t very good at getting the couple to talk or, after 42 years, they ran out of things to say. Most owners would talk a blue streak!! Our boy Angus is a “rumbler” and a “squeaker.” His favorite things are eating and being petted. He is quite the guard dog though I must admit!

  6. • World’s most excellent ball players –well, one of our girls has what you might call ball compulsive disorder or bcd – she carries it everywhere and lives to play
    • Learn fast but only what they want to – no sissy followers, they make their own decisions
    • Loyal loyal loyal
    • Energetic and full of spunk but also good couch potatoes
    • Loving but not clingy (see retriever)
    • Good floor sweepers (all that hair gathers up dust balls, etc.)
    • Foot/back warmers
    • Highly intelligent and alert to every noise, movement, etc.
    • Sensitive to human emotions

  7. Amen to all the additions and comments! There is no other dog in the world for me, although many say that Scotties are too much ‘piss and vinegar.’ Eh? Must be true of me as well – my little fellow and I get on quite well. I can’t see much sense in most other breeds; yap yap yap without cause (if a Scottie barks, there is a reason), no fawning for unidentified humans’ attention, playful with me, extremely portable, smart, dependable – learns rapidly when willing – and is patient as hell. All in all, the best companion I’ve ever had! david

  8. Oh and also a great ‘chick magnet!’ Because they are a more masculine small dog (vs. a poodle etc.) he really helps me meet women. So, Tegan, it works both ways. How democratic! david

  9. For those who want to know..:)42 year looks like ages having them around,but…I think they are the same after 3 years and after 43 years as well:))) It’s just the same fantastic breed stays all the time! Super friendly to everybody (people) Unfortunately to some (small) breads gives a bark or even “small” attack:) But they should sometimes,because most of time…ok, my scottie most of time is really like a statue on the ground ,but if it comes to a play time,it’s a change from the night to a day! Tell me,who’s got such design and look? Only Scottish terriers! The walk on the street is just amazing royal tiny bouncing and you just can’t get of your eyes of it! Mostly all people who feels a little love to animals,they stop to watch that Scottish terrier wonder even in the middle of the crowded street!
    The laying on the ground with all legs spread gives you super feeling about your dog,you can’t get your smile off your face:)Also it’s a strong bone animal with a very unique body structure,covered deep eyes with long eyebrows ,but fantastic little smile and this pink little tongue hiding between strong shiny teeth:)This is just neverending story…

  10. OK folks, confession time.

    Bridget is not loyal at all.

    Sure, she likes us, but if something better comes along — and especially if something better has treats — she’s gone.

    As for being a watchdog, yes if it’s a raccoon burglar, but I get the feeling an axe murderer or house invader would be warmly welcomed into the Scottie News world headquarters.

  11. Tegan and Gardenmaster, we look forward to hearing about some Scottie romances initiated by your dogs.

    And, if I could play matchmaker for a minute, what about the two of you?

  12. Well, we might be a little bit GU – geographic undesirable!

    The first week I had Casey, we went for a walk – two young ladies came out of a club and fell head over (high) heels to pet him. One was standing talking to me (“he looks just like a Schnauzer but shrunk”… “we threw him in the dryer and look what happened!”) when the other one said, “I think he’s growling at me… omigaud, he IS growling at me!” End of romance. He could care less about other people – treats or not. He likes ME. And he resents women intervening in our little routine, if I should dare bring one home. Although HE has a host of women that drool over him and pamper him constantly – he comes to work with me and we meet a lot of people everyday. Casey is loved by all of them – but, he will walk away from a piece of meat if I tell him. He is really loyal and minds the important stuff. “Come here, boy” however, does not appeal to his aesthetic unless there is a reason. He’s a rescue with cerebellum abiotrophy (CA) but he’s 100% Scottie and 100% ready to go for a walk! If there are cross-species soul-mates, he’s mine. david

  13. Okay, how about ICONIC?
    A majority of people can identify the classic Scottie silhouette by breed name – not just “dog” – but Scottie. Scottish Terriers symbolize classic structure, strength in a compact size, and an attitude grounded in non-frivolous, watchful spunk. Dependable, sturdy, and steadfast: these are virtues woven into the symbolism behind our chosen breed. Not just a dog but an Icon.

  14. One of the best things about Scotties is they way people break into a smile when they see them walking jauntily along full of their own importance!

  15. My Mother in Law is 85 and she has had Scotties since a small child…that reporter would never have got away from her!!! Scotties are one of the (if not THE) points in common my husband & I shared when we met! …9 years on we have 2 of our own! :-)

  16. Scottie girls are just BEAUTIFUL!!!Bonnie has the most beautiful eyelashes…..long blonde and curled up just a bit. And the sweetest head tilt to check you out. And lets not forget the sexy ‘black’ stockings on her rear. She is wheaten but her skin is almost black in the behind area so her hiney trim makes her look like she’s wearing black silk hose. Complete with a seam up the back. She’s a pretty girl, but a fierce warrior princess too. She draws attention everywhere because people aren’t sure what she is, but it’s obvious she is hot stuff the way she walks and presents herself. “You may meet our royal selves if you are nice”. But the best thing is her ARRR-rooooooo every morning and when she wants to go out or is having fun. ARRR-roooooty-tooot-too to you too!

  17. I have three Dogs Of Scotland – a beautiful deep gol Golden Retriever, a blue Merle Sheltie, and my heavily red-brindled Scottie. All completely different in behavior. Golden boy is velcro and OCD when it comes to balls, my sheltie is extremely jealous if you are petting either of the other two….but my scottie…

    I TRY not to play favorites, but it’s hard. Mason has the puppy-eyes thing down pat, is always disheveled since he idolizes Fala and HATES the brush, and he is always heading towards me at a dead run.

    He is NOT outwardly friendly, but aloof to anyone that is not me. He loves to play with our cats (he grew up with them), but is an avowed enemy of squirrels. Will not play with the ball but will happily peel the skin off of tennis balls, much to the chagrin of Bailey.

    These are not cookie-cutter dogs.

  18. “And, if I could play matchmaker for a minute, what about the two of you?”

    LOLOL…I live in the UK, so it would be far too an expensive romance!


  19. Yes, Tegan… I’m afraid I’m left to pine in California. That’s why I said we were probably GU – I had the feeling you were a ways away. Bad for our carbon footprint!


  20. got our first scottie 2 years ago fell in love with him he loves to run and play so much we now have another scottie if hubbie would allow it i’d have another they’re addictive .Brenda

  21. We have owned or should I say, have been owned by Scotties for over 27 years. The Scottie is THE dog of dogs. As others have mentioned their physical attributes and singular nature, I find it difficult to describe why I love Scotties. There seems to be so many reason to love this breed. Our first two scotties were kennel bred males, 10 and 14 when they died, and were great companions. Our current two scotties are siblings, silver brindle and black, and were found at a rescue near our home. It took awhile for the Scottie nature to come out, but they have it in gobs; especially the female. I’ve never owned two dogs at once, let alone a female scottie, but now it’s completely normal. Great dogs!!

  22. Our female scottie is just over a year now, I’ve never seen a
    dog other than a beagle, go through the brush piles with
    such proficiency and vigor. I get a big kick watching her dash
    across the yard or field with those legs flying, never seeming
    to get tired. Her attitude matches with my former Marine
    Corps personality perfectly. Cricket was stubborn to learn
    that she and her playmate Josie (australian cattle herder/blue healer mix, runt of the litter, female) could ONLY go to the
    bathroom behind the shed in a designated area. Once learned, she’s perfect! Love to see that tail flip up when she
    pee’s. She loves my wife, she ADORES my 21 yr old son, licks
    his face fast and furious, I try to get even one lick, Forget it!
    We 3 take big walks, it’s very exciting to see Cricket in action
    through the woods and fields, she investigates but yet stay’s close enough, she sometimes needs to be reminded to come, but she complys easily enough.
    Never expected to hear the sounds that come out of her!!
    How about that yawn?
    I like how her head can be confused with other animals, Buffulo, armadillo, alligator, horse, her ears belong on a mule! and her eye-brows on boris karlof, what a cute combo.
    Without a doubt the most interesting dog I’ve ever had, I
    would definately choose the breed again.

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