Everyone stays calm in Beaver/Scottie encounter

This video of two Scottish Terriers going practically nose to nose with a Canadian beaver, as everyone remains cool, calm and collected, was shot in British Columbia, where they have a reputation for being laid back. But, really, who knew the zen mindset extended not just to West Coast humans but to the local beavers and Scotties as well?

Here in Toronto, it’s pandemonium every time a raccoon arrives in the backyard although to be fair, the raccoons are a whole lot calmer than the resident Scottish Terrier.

6 thoughts on “Everyone stays calm in Beaver/Scottie encounter

  1. NO WAY! Those must be some other kind of dogs in Scottie suits. My three would be making “killing” sounds the second they smelled that beaver.

  2. They are indeed some very chilled out Scotties… maybe unusually cautious ones. I like how at one point you see that one seems to have lost interest altogether. It’s like some kind of Beaver/Jedi mind-control… wow.

  3. I’ve heard tell they have some very powerful weed in that part of the world. Perhaps, that’s what the beaver is ingesting while the Aberdeen terriers partook earlier and off-camera.

  4. I had a Scottie Mo who would have acted just like that! He would sit in an open field like Ferdinand the Bull and wildlife would have no fear of him and just seem to come up to say “hi”! The first time I saw this happen it was with a skunk…Mo and the skunk just touched noses and they each continued on with what they were doing. I sure miss Mo a lot. He was a true gentle soul.

  5. Warrior Princes Bonnie would never do that! There is a beaver dam behind my folks house and when we walk down by the creek, she goes berserk running in and out of the beaver trails looking for beavers. Anytime we glimpse one, it is slithering into the water as quick as it can to avoid the Scotty Jaws of Death.

  6. Wow, I am in shock, what very chill dogs those two are. I’m with Anonymous, must be another sort dog in disguise!

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