The Full Dental: Close-ups of Scottish Terrier teeth

Little Griffyn, the black Scottie puppy, clearly loves his big Wheaten brother. Ultra scary sounds and teeth mean viewer discretion is advised:

4 thoughts on “The Full Dental: Close-ups of Scottish Terrier teeth

  1. How cute! They are having some puppy play time fun! I’d fear more from those needle sharp puppy teeth than the other dog. Those itty bitty scotty baby teeth are sharp!

  2. When my Scotties heard the wrestling noises from this video, they all came running and we had a play growl fest all around my livingroom! Thanks for the fun!

  3. They sound just like my Ozzie and Angus when they are “playing.” I just have to remind them to “be nice” once in a while because they can get quite carried away!

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