Google: Hotties more popular than Scotties

I like to check my stats to get a feel for exactly what type of Scottish Terrier information people are searching for. This — “is there much difference between female and male scotties?” — seemed like a reasonable query, but look what Google thought the poor searcher was looking for:
For the record, here’s the answer (in as much as there is a right one.) Guess Google’s not so smart after all or has something else on its robotic mind. We can only hope it doesn’t misinterpret this headline. I remember we used to get some sketchy traffic over this post on young girls and old men.

2 thoughts on “Google: Hotties more popular than Scotties

  1. We’ve had lots of male and female, neutered and intact dogs throughout our lives. We’ve had yard dogs, barn dogs, house dogs and even a purse dog. On the whole, the females, both intact and neutered, are more territorial and pack oriented. The males if left intact, fight amongst themselves and the humans for control. Anytime we have owned more that one dog, and in the country on the farm we had lots of dogs, a female would inevitably be the alpha dog. If you didn’t neuter the dogs as puppies, you’d have issues around 1 to 2 years old, either fighting amongst themselves regardless of sex, or challenging an older dog for pack status. I do know that the more favoritism shown a dog by humans increases its status. Like a house dog has more status than a barn dog when out with the other dogs. And the reverse is true, dogs left for the most part to be dogs…yard and barn dogs…tend to respect humans more than the house dogs. Familiarity breds contempt? Terriers in general…my grandfather always had rat terriers…tend to be more independent than say the lab you take duck hunting or the retriever you take quail hunting. But overall, the females own their patch of dogdom. Maybe that is because the females raised most of the dogs we owned? You didn’t generally go buy a dog in the country. Now we have humans raising dogs and I think the dogs are more neurotic because of it too.

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