If you’re ever in Reno, look up Archie the Scottie

He’s a rescue Scottish Terrier who was abandoned on a Nevada highway but found a better life. The story’s at Flickr.

3 thoughts on “If you’re ever in Reno, look up Archie the Scottie

  1. Every time I read a story about sn abandoned scottie….I wonder…was the dog abandoned or did he go on an adventure that went sooooo wrong? Our Bonnie escaped from her collar which was attached to her leash and then my arm, when we were unloading our car at a roadside hotel in the rain. Interstate on one side, mountain on the other. I guess the rain made her collar slippery. She took off at 4 inch legs high speed toward the mountain. In the dark. Thanks goodness she is wheaten colored….we could see her tail bobbing through the trees. If she had not made s U-Turn in a ravine, you might have been reading another story about abandoned wheaten scottie. It was quite a chase up a tree covered mountain in the rain and the dark. We left our other dog hooked to the luggage cart and the rear door open of our vehicle while we chased Miss Bonnie for 30 minutes. Thank goodness we caught her and nothing happened back at the car…and that she went toward the mountain instead of the Interstate. I can only imagine she heard or smelt a critter in the woods and was off on her own personal adventure. Once she is in prey mode, it’s all over for that come when called business.

  2. I had a similar incident with my Ozzie. I did not check the leash to make sure it was securely fastened to his collar and we went out to do some business before heading home from the lake and the next thing I know he is running towards the woods which eventually end up on the main drag. I tried not to panic but I did. My husband went after him while I stayed with Angus (who probably wished he was on the adventure with Ozzie). Needless to say all ended well. I will never make that mistake again.

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