Is this Jack, the missing Scottish Terrier?

A reader writes:

While hiking on Friday, a friend and I found a scottish terrier on our rural road about 10 miles west of Charlottesville, in White Hall, VA). He is a beautiful, young male of sweet temperament, very well-behaved. He was wearing a rabies tag from a local veterinary hospital; however, the hospital listed him as a “stray”. Unfortunately, the vet didn’t scan for a microchip or search for a tattoo. Apparently, a neighbor found him in Schuyler, VA (about 6-8 weeks ago) and brought him here. 

Could this be the missing scottish terrier, Jack?

Please see picture below.

Well, it does seem a bit far away but stranger things have happened so the Scottie News will contact those involved to see if this story ends happily.
Update: The Scottie News reached the mother of Jack’s owner and she did not believe the dog in the photo above was Jack, but said she would ask her daughter to take a look at him. As we have not heard back, we do not think it likely that this is Jack. However, it’s important to remeber that even though we live in a world of instantaneous communications, not all communications are instantaneous. From my blogging experience, I can state authoritatively that it sometimes takes months for people to discover a web post and get in touch, so we may find this dog’s owner yet.

In the mean time does anyone have a portable microchip scanner they can recommend? Someone could surreptiously scan this dog, just like I’m sure they’d do on CSI, right?

10 thoughts on “Is this Jack, the missing Scottish Terrier?

  1. Oh I HOPE this works out to be a happy ending. That poor girl who lost Jack must be so worried. That is one sweet little Scottie posted here….And I see her Dad, age 62 (same age as my husband!) gave her the dog before he died on April 27 (my deceased Mother’s birthday.) Please let us know what you learn!

  2. The saddest thing about some of these stories is that someone does find the dog and refuses to notify anyone, doesn’t bother trying to find the owner or just plain refuses to give the dog back. It recently happened to a friend of mine who was in a car accident. Someone found her dog and decided it was now their dog. The neighbors recognized pictures of the dog on a flyer but when they went down to get the dog back the new “owner” claimed she had owned the dog for years. The police were eventually brought in the get the dog back. I sure hope that someone does bring Jack home. Some people can be so selfish

  3. Also Shannon’s stories scares me so much. We always fear Pippi getting taken when we are on the road. Or if we lost her and would have to move onto our next city.

  4. Stranger things have happened, I’m sure..! Still hoping for a happy ending for Jack’s owner and for this Scottie Boy – whoever he is!!

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