Old Laddie: He’s a true gentleman

Handsome older Scottish Terrier with plaid collarOld Laddie, originally uploaded by your_wht_knight.

Great taste in collars too!

5 thoughts on “Old Laddie: He’s a true gentleman

  1. I notice with ‘old Laddie’ his leg sticks out when he sits… Kirk does this. As a puppy we worried that she had a problem with the leg, we even got her Vet to check the leg.
    Mum had given us Yorkies as kids and they sat kinda ‘proper’,with both legs in.
    Since I had the choice of buying the last dog… well there was no choice, I’d always wanted a Scottie. However we knew very little about them and I had to even buy a book… but it never mentioned the leg sticking out while sitting thing?

    Do all Scoties do this? Do other breeds do it too?


  2. very normal with scotties that one of the behind legs sticks out when sitting. with my scotty if he lies down even one of the front legs sticks out as if he posted it on an armchair.
    and the funniest thing, which I had never noticed with any other of my scotties. when he pees and holds one behind leg up he also often tends to use the same side front leg to lean himself against the tree/wall/fences…whatever he pees against. LOL looks so funny.

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