Practice safe swimming with your Scotties (and the Westies too)

Now that summer’s almost here, follow the nice safe example of veteran boaters, Angus the Scottie and Ozzie the Westie. Remeber, not every Scottish Terrier swims like Diva.

So much for the bouquets, now for the brickbats: Scottie News thinks this looks like kind of risky behaviour, tsk tsk. Okay, it also looks kinda fun.

3 thoughts on “Practice safe swimming with your Scotties (and the Westies too)

  1. My Lilly who hides when bathing time comes would love to swim. We’ve just returned from a trip to the Chesapeake and she would go out as far as I would let her. She needs a life vest.


  2. I was so excited when I opened the blog this morning to see my boys!! We were cleaning the boat over the weekend and Ozzie had a hard time containing his excitement! They absolutely love the water! Thanks Ann for showing them off again.

  3. PleasepleasePLEASE train your Scotty to accept the lifejacket just like this one in the picture, and always monitor them, just like small children.

    We learned the heartbreaking way that any dog that is built like a brick will sink like one. Our first Scotty, Finn, died in our pool, which he normally never approached. I did teach him to swim, in the far chance that he might fall in, but instead of heading for the shallow end of hte pool where the steps would have allowed him to get out, he was found at the deep end.

    Our present Scot HATES the water, and even though he also has been taught to swim to the shallow end (and we added two of those ramps on either side of the deep end that can help him out), we never let him stay out by himself.

    And on a final, happy note, the two little dogs look quite happy paddling along…


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