Things people say to Scottish Terriers

Yesterday while I was sitting outside having a latte at a local coffeeshop, a little girl walked by. When she spotted Bridget at my feet, she turned to her parents and said in surprise, “Look, that dog has no legs!”

As we were returning home, a young woman leaned out of her car and asked, “What kind of dog is that? She has such a prestigious walk, just like a princess.”
And indeed Bridget does have a very jaunty walk. Later in the day, an elederly man commented on her gait as she was hurrying to the park, “What a cute walk, just like a picture.”
At the park, Bridget sniffed a giant Newfoundland, whose owner opined,”A nice Scottie, they’re usually mean.”
So, there, you have it, a day in the life.

13 thoughts on “Things people say to Scottish Terriers

  1. Several years ago, I was coming out of the grooming parlor with my Scottie Lottie and a man passing by told his lady friend, in not too quiet terms, “that’s the ugliest Schnauser I’ve ever seen”!
    Granted, little Lottie was not the perfect Scottish Terrier conformation-wise. She was a previously abused rescue that had a sway back from carrying a full pound of golfball sized bladder stones and her coat was still very sparce from skin infections, but the look in her eye alone was proof enough for me that if she had had any teeth left, she would have had her say in that rude man’s leg! She’s been gone now for about 10 years and I miss my sweet Lottie every day.

  2. A close friend owns the brothers of our two Scotties and whenever possible we go to the local dog park together. We’re there enough that the park staff refer to us as “The Scottie Chicks” and our pack of four as a “Scottie Glot”. While meeting and greeting, inevitably, some big dog is going to charge up and set my Duncan’s knickers a-twisting. At these times I’ve heard him referred to as: “Dude with a ‘Tude” – “Sassy and overly-confident” – or, my favorite: “Short, dark, and intolerant” That is Duncan’s personality…he is reserved but not shy and he really doesn’t tolerate a pushy or ill mannered dog. He never”starts” a squabble – but he’s pretty sure he’ll “finish it”.

    NOW – He’s at the park with three other Scotties…the rest are easy going, playful, even a bit goofy, and never a Grr out of them. Still, the comments are: “Scotties are grumpy”, “Scotties are one person dogs”, “They’re tough dogs”, “They’re too small- you should have them over in the small dog area…” “They’re mean” LOL
    Obviously only 25% of them…but who listens to stats?

  3. Our Teagan (black)is often called “regal” or “stately” to describe her gait -she is a bit imperious and now at 8 does have more of a “stately” pace than before. But of our Wheaten, people say, What is that?? and look sceptical when told they are the same breed of dog!

  4. Scotties aren’t mean….they just have big teeth and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves. Bonnie never starts anything with another dog, but she’s not afraid to end something that gets started either. When she was about 10 months old, we had an occasion to take her to a diff vet (one of our famous emergency weekends) and the vet wanted to muzzle her because she had such large teeth. She even called in 3 others to help her hold Bonnie while she did this….I said it wasn’t necessary to hold her or muzzle her…she has a very sweet temperment and is willing to let you do anything to her. The vet was skeptical at first, but then she got a nice sweet scottie kiss (Bonnies’ scottie kiss is like a soft back n forth of her muzzle…no tongue kissing for her!) and was won over!

  5. That’s so funny! I have never been able to walk our McGregor without someone saying something about him. I’ve heard “What kind of dog is that?” “Wow, that’s a really cute dog” or my absolute favorite, “Oh Look!! It’s a little Scottie dog!” (complete with Scottish accent of course:)The best part is that McGregor doesn’t even seem to notice all the attention that surrounds him….he’s very modest.

  6. A little boy walked past with his mother one day and saw my little Lexie. “What a lovely little doggy” said his mother. “No it’s a bear!” said the little boy….

    My South African vet made a real fuss of Lexie amd said he loved Scotties cos they were “lovely little dogs” and not as snappy as Westies!

  7. My Annie Belle is a wheaten Scottie. People stop me and ask what kind of dog is that. I tell them a Scottie. I have had people argue with me that she is a Westie as there is no such thing as a blond Scottie. They actually argue, they have never owned a Scottie ever. It is unbelievable. I have people tell me she is a All kinds of breeds other than a Scottie. The one thing they always tell me is that she is beautiful and sweet and she is!

  8. I was walking my two Scotties and a couple said as they got closer that they thought I was toting a black suitcase. They laughed at themselves and loved my boys.

    1. Too funny. Someone recently said the same thing to me about my Scottie. They thought she was a suitcase.

      Well, she is kind of the same shape and it was in the early morning semi-darkness.

  9. RE: People referring to Scotties as other kinds of critters, a little boy in my neighborhood refers to our Mac as a ” sheep! ” Mac is nearly all black and apparently resembles a wooly!

  10. Having had scotties in my life since 1968 one of my fondest memorys is of our first scottie, a female named Duchess. All groomed out, ready for the show ring,lying in her cage she would ignore any small breed that walk by her, but would stand up and challenge all large breeds, telling them where to go, how soon and when.

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