Vicious Scottish Terrier gets deburred

After watching this very scary movie, I will never, ever complain about deburring Bridget. I’m also wondering if they have different, meaner burrs in Southern California.

4 thoughts on “Vicious Scottish Terrier gets deburred

  1. We have sandspurs in Florida. They are very painful and if you break one off in your finger tip while pulling them out from between the dogs toes, it will fester up and be red and sore till the barb works its way out. We have been in a drought situation for a couple of years and the sandspurs are taking over. The burrs get dried out and even blow along the sidewalk and street. I can see using the muzzle…our old dog will snap when you pull them too. We do a commando run….see it, grab it quick n yank quicker to avoid a dog bite. Poor puppies. They have to walk outside to do their bid-nez…and then get mean old burrs tween their tootsies.

  2. ScrapsofMe, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your great input. It’s always appreciated if not always acknowledged.

  3. I think I would invest in a pair of boots for walking if this was my dog. That was even too painful to watch!!

  4. We don’t have burrs in Liverpool U.K, but we have Sticky-Bobs. They get caught in her fur and can be painful if left. You only have to say the word ‘Sticky-Bob’ for Kirk to flee into her bed and hide her nose under the pillow, she’s petrified. Kirk would never snap or bite when I’m cutting them off, however she stuggles, yelps, wimpers and runs off …which is more pathetic than biting. We tried spelling out the name Sticky-Bob, so she doesn’t get warning and run away before I get a chance to remove them… but sadly she’d learned to spell it and saying SB’s doesn’t work either. We are currently saying she’s got ‘you know what’s’ on her… but we think she’ll suss that out before long.

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