Westie Wednesday: Oliver has a very patient coach

This guy is no Hitchcock the Scottie but he’s enough of a champ┬áto merit some exposure on West Highland Terrier Wednesday. You can chart Oliver’s post-grad progress here.

5 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: Oliver has a very patient coach

  1. “Helloooo, are you in there?”
    Oh that was too funny, especially when Oliver wouldn’t go all the way thru the tunnel and kept turning around and coming out the other end. LOL!

  2. Oliver, I don’t think you heart is in it, you need a new hobby!
    Oliver’s Dad: Oliver needs to be listening to you, other wise the command is pointless!

  3. I laughed out loud watching this!! Give him some slack, he’s just a beginner!! I wish I had the time and energy… Ozzie would be a great agility dog!!

  4. Oh Kirk was mega worse than this, she made Oliver look wonderful. When I did the puppy training course, Mary (the coach) said Kirk was ‘naughty to be noticed.’
    We did the whole dog training; we did two months of agility, but ended up being sent back to the extra training. Then I gave up, purely because of moral, I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere and just punishing Kirk every lesson, who hated it.
    Sadly, Kirk is now VERY submissive and shy, she has no confidence and when I command, she just scraps the walls before she comes to me. I have never hit her and I’m not a loud person. I don’t intend to start. I wouldn’t dare shake a lemonade bottle filed with beads at her (the training thing)… it would bring back too many horrific memories, for both of us!
    She gets off with most things.

    … but I love her to bits!


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