Anyone ever seen a Johnnie Walker Black and White dispenser?

Just John writes:

We found this Johnnie Walker dispenser at an antiques store. I’ve never seen one like it before and wondered if you had ever run across these. Its about 18″ tall and the smaller ones are around 3″. It has the spigot but I haven’t put it in yet. Just curious and appreciative of any help you can give.

I’ve never seen one, but somehow I sense that one of our readers has.

Check out John’s blog for pictures of his three Scottish Terriers including his new rescue puppy.

6 thoughts on “Anyone ever seen a Johnnie Walker Black and White dispenser?

  1. That's not Johnny Walker – it's Black & White scotch. A quick search of "black & white scotch" on ebay will list tons of cute ads, jugs, pottery and memorabilia. (I have won a "few" items)

  2. Och! Someone's got their whiskey all mixed up and it's not Sharon.

    Darling, we Scotsmen love a damsel who knows her whiskey.

  3. I bought a couple of old "Black & White Whiskey" ads off of ebay and had them framed. The dogs' names are actually "Blackie" and "Whitey". . . not hard to figure out which one is which…

  4. They are not necessarily old as we used to see these & other pieces with "vintage" advertising logos printed on in England & have a teapot – so buy them just because you like them! (always good advice!)

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