Brazilian Scottish Terrier adopts three puppies

A reader in Brazil writes:

Here is a video with Donatella , a beautiful wheaten Scottish Terrier (featured on the Scottie News last week.) She belongs to Micheline , a vet that lives in Curitiba , Brazil. Now Donatella is 10 months year old and when Micheline came home with 3 little orphans , she started to produce milk and really adopted the 3 little dogs. The story came out at our community Scottish Terrier Brasil at Orkut.

July 12 update from our Brazilian reader: The puppies have new owners and are in the process of leaving Micheline´s house. They were originally five and were left in a box in front of the clinic. Two of them didn´t resist the cold and wet night at Curitiba. Sometimes a cute and gracious dog teaches us a lesson.

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