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The photographer writes, “Connor has been very, very bad today. He pooped inside twice & he knows he’s supposed to go outside! On the other hand, Lola has been especially good. She’s been left out a lot & she hasn’t had any accidents on the carpet. “

Okay, so how come Lola’s in the crate and Connor’s out and about. The Scottie News wants to know.

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  1. Lola's crate door is open, she just happened to go in it & I decided to take a picture with both of them in it instead of just Connor because I liked the composition. Connor's crate has to be closed when Lola is out because she gets into his food & she has trouble going to the bathroom when that happens. They were both free to play when I took this photo though.

    I also believe this was taken hours before Connor ever pooped in the house that day. He did that at night & the sun was still out in this photo.

  2. Thanks Lauren, for stopping by and giving us the back story. Your dogs are both adorable and the phot's wonderful.

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