Reader Photos

Thank you to all of those who sent in pictures. We love to see them and look forward to seeing more terrific shots of your Scotties in the future, which can be sent to us at We start of this post with Molly in the Texas blue bonnets (top) and Christmas Magic making a mess with the newspapers (bottom).

Scottie Hybrids

Sebastian (top) is a Scottie-Shih Tzu cross while TinTin’s owner
believes he is a Bushland (Scottie-Cairn) terrier.

Scotties who lounge

Pontiac relaxes at home

That’s how we roll

Molly loves her wheels

Scotties get wet

Whoever said Scotties couldn’t swim claerly didn’t know Winnie

What could be better than one Scottie? TWO!

Rory (top left) and Fiona (top right) contrast beautifully, while
Kieran and Kiffen share cute outfits, dog beds and even cake!

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6 thoughts on “Reader Photos

  1. I am loving these pics! They are showing the true characters of our wonderful little guys and grrrls! Life with a Scottie, or two or three or four — well, it's just never dull!!

    Christmas Magic's Mom

  2. Thank you for making my day!!!! I adore Scotties so much! And the hybrids too, of course, thanks for including all those cute little fruit bats as well! My favorite pic? All of them!!

  3. Can you believe the Scottie in the Bluebonnets is the same one coming out of the water with the ball in her mouth!!?

    All the Scotties are precious!:)

    Molly's mom

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