Reality check: Sadie the Scottie has a way to go

The Mackinac Island Town Crier reports:

It’s the ‘Look’ and Attitude That Make Mussers’ Sadie Top Dog

“She was absolutely born to be a show dog. She’s just like a dream dog.” – Gabriel Rangel, handler

By Karen Gould

A little black Scottish terrier named Sadie is stealing attention across the country. Her trainer thinks she is the perfect Scotty, and her owners are proud that she did everything right at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in February, where she was named the top dog in the terrier group.

We love Sadie too but we think it’s a bit of a stretch to say she did everything right at Westminster. Peeing in the ring is not okay.

3 thoughts on “Reality check: Sadie the Scottie has a way to go

  1. Oh, a little peepee in the ring is not unusual…all dogs do it at one time or another, especially if they are excited about the competition…and it just shows that she is natural! These natural "imperfections" make her better in my opinion. Why would anyone think that she needs to be anything other than natural? and if not peeing in the ring would make her "perfect" then maybe we should be judging mechanized stuffed toys?

  2. Kirk has only peed twice indoors since a puppy.
    First time was when I took her to my school. I was teaching a extra GCSE class during Easter and mum was on her holls, so with no one to look after her during the day she came with me. One sniff of my work, (after all, it took me away from her,) she started peeing right there… in school reception.
    Second was when she was feeling poorly and I moved her bed up to my room. Only she decided to join me on my bed, (not a good idea as I'm kinda restless.) At 3am I woke with a yelp.I'd kicked out and thus Kirk was shot out of my bed. She ended up next to my bed, on my bookshelf and peed herself with fright… over my nice books… bless her.

  3. Karma time.

    Bridget, who is completely house trained at our home, went visiting this weekend and peed and pooped in her host's home.

    Sorry, Sadie.

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