Scottie News contest: Win some stress-reducing Dog Appeasing Pheromone

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is holding its first ever give-away contest, the first of many to come, we hope.

We are offering up some Dog Appeasing Pheromone, which mimics the natural pheromone released by a mother dog to calm her pups, to the reader with the most neurotic dog. Simply tell the Scottie News why your dog needs calming and we will send a free DAP spray and a DAP Diffuser (total value of $96.00) to the reader whose dog has the most issues.

It doesn’t even have to be a Scottish Terrier. Come to think of it, given their stoic temperaments, it may probably will not be be a Scottish Terrier. If the truth be known, that’s why we didn’t test these DAP products at the Scottie News world headquarters. Bridget has too much self esteem.

Please post your neurotic dog stories in the comments. The winner will be announced on Wednesday June 17th.

Update: No sooner had I boasted about Bridget’s fearlessness when out we went to the mall, where I was reminded that she is terrified of escalators. Still, I don’t think I need to spritz her with DAP for a little shoe shopping.

5 thoughts on “Scottie News contest: Win some stress-reducing Dog Appeasing Pheromone

  1. Enter Rufus, stage right…

    There was an add in the paper, "Male Scottie $250".

    My wife and I read the article and couldn't sleep that night, because we knew there was something amiss for the price to be so low. We wanted a companion for our Scottie Mandy, and we decided to take a look. The folks who placed the add lived way out in the desert and said they would drive in to Phoenix and meet us in a parking lot.

    We waited in the parking lot and a van pulled up. when they opened the door, there must have been 15 dogs in cages in the back of the van. In the very back was Rufus. He was wearing a dirty blue harness and he was dust all over. He came out on a leash with his head down. My wife asked if she could take him over to the grass and introduce him to Mandy. They liked each other. Patricia and I didn't even have to discuss it, we couldn't leave this little guy in whatever situation he was living in.

    Lightning scared Rufus from the start. Any time there is lightning, Rufus gets a Benadryl. I slept on the floor next to Rufus on a leash (he was on the leash) under the coffee table (he was under the coffee table) for his first two weeks with us. He was terrified of everything.

    Rufus has been with us for 3 years now. We thought time in a stable environment would make life better for him, and he would calm down over time.

    I made the mistake of taking Rufus's picture using a flash a couple years ago. Now any noise that sounds remotely like a camera shutter sends Rufus into a panic. Lightning, a flash, must be coming.

    Yesterday it was nail clippers. We love Rufus, he may never calm down.

  2. Yeah..send it to Rufus. He needs it. My 2 get it little spats, but then they kiss n make up. If anyone needs de-stressing after their spats it's me, not them. Poor Rufus sounds like he lives with stress all the time. Maybe these pheromone thingys will take him back to a kinder gentler time.

  3. Actually a machine like that would terrify Rufus, I wouldn't even attempt to introduce it into his environment. He has made progress though through the years. Occasionally he will keep his tail up during the terrification process.

  4. Poor Rufus, he needs extra time. When we brought Angus home, I thought he was the most self-assured dog I'd ever seen… until garbage day. He is afraid of garbage cans, recycling containers, garbage bags, and pretty much anything that is out on the sidewalk. He will drag us out into the middle of the street just so he doesn't have to walk close to any of the above. And storms, once he hears the rumble of thunder (which we don't hear) he disappears. He will try to squeeze into any tiny space he can and won't come out until he thinks it is safe.

  5. I suppose "the dog whisperer" could solve these issues in a ten minute segment. There is another topic on this site about Cesar Millan and Scotties. I would love to see him tackle a stubborn Scottie. He might need a 24 hour segment. Rufus's problem is partially stubborness and part of the problem is me. I don't know where the fear ends and the stubborness begins, he is already stressed and I don't want to pile any more on by mishandling his problem.

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