Scottish Terrier makes scene at Woofstock

Bridget walked but many dogs were carried:

Carrying dogs is no longer just a girl thing:

Some dogs got dressed up:

And it wasn’t just the girls:

This Great Dane, built like a super model, was probably the most photographed dog there:

Bridget basked briefly in her glory:

And so did these two Scottish Terriers rescued from an Amish puppy mill:

And a good time was had by all the Scottie News staff in attendance:

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4 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier makes scene at Woofstock

  1. Gibscot, wish I'd seen your girl.

    To tell the truth I've been a bit out of touch lately, taking a bit of a breather. I only found out about Woofstock Sunday morning and decided to go ona whim. I'm sure we missed a lot of great stuff.

    Everyone should definitely go next year. It was a blast.

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