Scottish Terrier owners, beware! Bridget sick after ingesting more Cuz ball feet

Bridget is a ball thief and she especially likes to steal Cuz dog toys with feet and chew the feet off.

Given her past history with these balls, I have learned to look out for them and steer her away, especially from the small ones, on which she can perform a foot amputation in mere seconds.

Well, last night in the middle of the night, she started barking to go out, something she very rarely does. I let her out and assumed the problem was solved but the barking continued and at dawn, I let her out again and saw that the floor was covered with pools of vomit. She was also madly eating grass, hiding in the bushes, walking tail down and generally behaving very listlessly. I thought maybe it was a wood chip she had eaten at the park or the sandwich crumbs she had hoovered up at a sidewalk cafe the day before.

At one point, she retreated under the back garden stairs and I worried that she might have passed out, but then she perked up so we headed out of town instead of to the emergency vet. She continued to behave normally until noon when she pooped and, behind the regular stuff, two perfectly-formed Cuz ball feet emerged.

Bridget was with me all day yesterday so I’m almost 100% sure they weren’t consumed then. They must have been consumed earlier this week when I wasn’t around and backs were turned, but I have no idea how long they were churning around in her stomach.

Please, keep these dangerous balls away from your Scotties.
Update: Bridget has been herself since three hours before the feet emerged. I guess the problem was preparing the feet for expulsion

BTW, these are the toys I recommend. Bridget loves them and they don’t create health problems.

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  1. I have found most 'toys' are unacceptable for Scotties. Mine are allowed access to the big black Kong (no knockoffs, please) and the sturdiest/firmest REAL tennis balls. I have witnessed how quickly they can chew off portions of stuffed toys, cut a gum on the buster cube (that was an expensive little adventure, not to mention anesthesia was required to get the food out of the cut.)
    Rawhide can be whittled down and end up sideways in the throat of a dog. One of my Scotties chipped a tooth on one of those Nylabones. I have always made a point of being present when they had their toys. And a good thing! The fact is they can get into trouble with any household item. Put your 'things' up high, and provide them with playtime where you watch every movement, and pick things up as soon as they fall to the floor, like paperclips, medicine. These little guys really are like "Hoovers" — mine lick the floors, try to eat the cottonwood flying thru the air, eat mud. Yikes. Last week Magic got into a Toad — again!! Avoid mushrooms or toadstools, any kind of mulch, cigarette butts (why can't people put their filters and butts in the trash)that you will find on your walk… it never ends with these precious babies. Bird poo is one of the worst. Elliott had coccidia for 2 months after somehow getting that inside him.

  2. Poor Bridget, hope she has totally recovered now. It's horrible when they are unwell, especially Scotties who seem to take illness in their stride. When they are listless and not taking an interest in things you know it must be bad.

  3. I hope Bridget is well now. Poor baby – I hate it when my dogs get sick.

    I have to agree that they are "hoovers" and as soon as I drop anything, it's a scramble for me to get the item picked up before they can get it. I used to call my Lilly a raven because she was always after anything shiny.


  4. I haven't often said that we should have named our boys "Hoover" because they are constantly nose down on the carpet, sidewalks, etc. Angus will drop whatever he has if I see it fast enough. Ozzie doesn't pick up very many things but he loves to lick the carpet. I'm glad to know this isn't uncommon. I was a little worried that something was lacking with his diet.
    We hope Bridget is feeling much better now that the feet are out!!

  5. Just bought our Scottie one of those Cuz balls with feet. The lady at the store warned us that the feet can be a problem with stronger chewers. Porter looooves the ball though and it's the only squeaker we've had that has lasted more than a day or two, so I think I'll just chop the feet off and see if he still likes it.

    1. Cuz balls are a huge hit around here with my 7 Scotties. Yes they rip the feet off of them right away. I worried about the possibility of them being swallowed and causing an emergency surgery to remove. So as soon as my order of balls arrives the very first thing I do is cut off the feet with scissors. They love these balls with or without feet!

  6. Mavri has ball compulsive disorder with the Cuz balls – they are her absolute favorite and she carries one (preferably the red ones) everywhere she goes. She de-squeakers them immediately on purchase, and I throw those parts away, but she hasn't ever taken the feet off. We have about 8 of them all over the house. She doesn't really play with any other toys, just tortures any human within sight to play ball with her. I wonder why she doesn't bite the feet off? Hmmm….every other toy is de-gutted, de-squeaked and pretty much destroyed immediately except these balls.

    Oh, and we have two of those unstuffed long fur toys – both the girls like those.

    Thanks for the tip, and I'm sorry for poor Bridget! It's so sad when they don't feel good!

  7. Our Scottie had a similar problem… same behavior, eating grass and vomiting. Things got worse when we found blood in his stool and layers of peeled off soccer ball. Took him to the vet immediately.

    Since then, soccer balls are a big No-No for our little chewing machine.

  8. Tuffies brand makes soft fleece toys that are reinforced with industrial luggage grade material. I got the lobster one for my Scottie, who typically disembowels plush toys within 15 minutes of introduction. It has lasted a month with not so much as even a tooth mark and he plays with it all the time.

  9. I just wanted to say "thanks"!…I check in everyday and learn something new…I have always had cairns, so my scotties are a new adventure…but through this blog I have learned that my Luna and Dobby are very "normal", happy, healthy scotties!…and yes, I too have lost things, only to later find them "undigested"!…thanks again and I look forward to the next scottie story!
    ps…I'm going to go check the feet on our CUZ ball right away!

  10. For starters the first time you told the feet story I laughed. Then this one, I nearly peed! Pippi cleans the feet of all of her toys

  11. We are happy to hear that Bridget survived the Cuz ball episode. It sounds reminiscent of the night that Briggs climbed up a step ladder and helped himself to the cat food, new bag of dog food, and anything else he could find and ate so much he looked like a baked potato. He was so uncomfortable he was actually crying. It was AWFULLLLL!

    Brigadoon's teeth are so nice and shiny that his vet finds them extraordinary- so you know he is extremely adept at chewing through most anything. My approach has been to shower him with a surplus of Nylabones (durable type and oversized) Tuffy toys and other basically indestructible toys. I find with lots- he doesn't completely destroy anything. It is scary to see a nylabone that has endured some intensive hours with Brigadoon- but the end result of this has been I have only ever lost one flip-flop (and not completely) to a Scottie. This has been worth the investment in dog chews and toys- and there has been quite an investment.
    The one area that I take a pretty big hit in (and Lupine also) is leashes. He is very naughty about biting a leash into 5 or six 6 inch sections if he gets the opportunity. The cuts are always very nice and parallel- almost like scissors. I have also noticed that he tends to amputate the stuffed squeaky toys- one leg or tail or appendage at a time. It's very surgical and if he were a small child- I think a little creepy. Anybody else have a neat chopper?

  12. ST&D News: "Bridget, Why the feet?"
    Bridget: "Cuz"

    So happy to hear everything is OK with Mme Bridget. Nothing can cause a panicked house like a sick pupster. I've always suspected those cute little Cuz were creatures of darkness…now I'm sure.

  13. You are extremely lucky! Our boy, Pip, chewed the feet off of a similar toy, only to have the get lodged in his intestine, requiring surgery. A really long story, short and a few thousand dollars later, Pip is well and is no longer allowed to chew on anything unsupervised.

    Here's a link to the toy. I did not buy them from this place, but it's the same toy, same brand. The chicken is the one that Pip chewed the feet off.

    Our vet said that he's even had to remove bits of Kong from Scottie intestines. Those massive jaws can chew through anything.

  14. Tyson eats the feet of the cuz toys too! i have to watch him at his cousin's house because it's the first toy he goes for. On Christmas he chewed all the rubber toys my sister bought for her pup in a matter of minutes! He has never ripped apart a stuffed toy, though! He just carries hem around.

    Glad te hear Bridget's okay!

  15. Our Scotties just love to chew on anything plastic, aspecially clothes pegs and we are constantly checking their beds incase they have stollen one. Give your Scottie chews that are digestable like dried pigs ears, hide bones, totally disgusting, but safe.

  16. I have a solution to that…my fur niece, Audrey, loves that little thing. I found her chewing the feet so I took some shears and cut them off. (She wasn’t happy with me for about 2 hours) But she went back to playing with her favorite toy. I know it was kind of weird but it worked for her and my own little bun, Abraham.

    Btw does anyone know of a groomer for scotties in South Carolina? I’m coming back from India and my little bun, Abraham, is in serious need of one.

  17. After being a scottie mom for 7 months, these comments have helped me a lot. (I’m NOT alone!) While my 11 yr old cairn has always been a chewer/destructor of stuffed toys, my scottie, Colin McDuff, has opened my eyes to what a chewer really is. He eats everything! It saddens me that when I leave a room I have to crate him, but 3 very expensive rugs destroyed later, I’ve learned. But I can deal with the inside temptations, it’s the outdoors that scares me to death. We live in the woods on the side of a mountain so as all the spring plant and animal life unfolds, more and more “temptations” are there on our walks. We finally have resorted to using a basket muzzle when we go for walks as that’s the only way we can insure he doesn’t grab a spider, mushroom, etc. (I don’t even want to think about what it’ll be like when the copperheads start coming out!)

    But I am now a full blown scottie addict and know I’ll never want another breed of dog! Scotties are just too wonderful! (Even though they make take a few years off our life when we encounter their eating habits!)

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