A West Highland Terrier Rescue gets returned

In this real-life Westie Wednesday drama, Abe is the West Highland Terrier usurper and Harry’s the hapless old guy:

Abe … managed to terrorize Harry every chance he got. The first few run-ins, Harry put up a fight, but soon it started to look like a mugging on the installment plan: Every time Harry tried to cross the room, Abe was on him like white on rice. When I tried to protect poor old Harry, Abe would turn on me with a deep and surprisingly menacing growl.

By the third day, I wasn’t sure who was more scared — me or Harry. Harry spent all his time shivering in his bed, and I was on the couch, curled up with a cold beer, which could be used both medicinally and, in a pinch, as a weapon.

On the fourth day, I noticed Abe on the floor in front of the couch. He looked so cute sitting there. Maybe I’d misjudged this poor little stray. Careful not to surprise him, I leaned down and softly called out his name.

Within a half-second, he was on me, climbing my chest, claws scraping my arms, sharp teeth snapping at rapid-fire velocity, aiming, I realized, at my jugular vein. I’m not really all that good at hand-to-hand combat, and ended up with a few nicks on my neck, and a huge circular bite mark on my jaw before I could pull the possessed furball off me.

4 thoughts on “A West Highland Terrier Rescue gets returned

  1. As much as I hate to hear about "defective" dogs of any kind, I was especially sad to see that this particular dog, a Westie no less, is apparently from my hometown. On the bright side, though, the writer has quite a knack for telling a story. I had to laugh. Hopefully, Abe found the right home, and Harry is now back in his routine.

  2. Sounds like a fight for pack leader and the writer wasn't up to asserting himself as the top dog. When a new dog comes into a home with an existing dog, there will always be some kinda of challenge. If it's met first off and the human is obviously in charge, then things will go better. Not always GREAT, but better. It seems Abe wanted to be No.1 and everyone else was into avoidance and fear. Westies are Terriers and not every human is a good Terrier owner. They will rule the roost if they get a chance. They need strong humans to remind them of their place in the home. With Westies being so popular, it's not surprizing you don't hear of more stories like these. Terriers are not dogs for weak willed humans. They need a strong heart and mind so their true spirit can shine.

  3. A terrier, given the chance, will always rule. It needs to be able to respect the alpha pack leader. And according to this story, the human LET the Westie became the alpha. The Westie is only following its instincts. I hope it was placed in a home that understood this.

  4. I love reading this writer's columns, and if they highlight Harry, even better (try a search on his article titled 'Stupid Dog!'. This rescued dog was, IMHO, not simply vying for top dog, but actively stalking smelly Harry and he just went ballistic at the two girls and their dad. This is a dog with serious impulse control issues, and not simply trying to boss others. I'm sure the rescue group took the dog back and hopefully placed him in a household with no kids and no other dogs.

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