West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Westie vs. Scottie

I like this picture because the Scottish Terriers outnumber the Westies, which is a reversal of the usual state of affairs.

As for this thong, I find it a bit of a stretch to call it a classic. What would Fruit of the Loom say?

6 thoughts on “West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Westie vs. Scottie

  1. There are many websites that sell "black/white" items like these, including the cards. Try "cafepress.com" or just google "terriers" and you'll find one.

  2. The Card and the Thong are my images (created from my original paintings) and are available in my shop: http://www.MaggieRossDogs.com

    It was fun reading your comments 😉 you never know what a customer will find to be "just the thing" so when I create a design, I offer it on ALL of the Cafe Press products. . .including the Thongs!!

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