Bacon pinata turns out like Scottish Terrier

I don’t know if you all have noticed but we’re — and by “we’re” I mean society — having something of a bacon moment right now. Bacon this, bacon that. So much so that people like GregB (above) are inspired to do crazy things with bacon. As he puts it, “Part of being a man is trying new and potentially stupid ideas (sometimes involving bacon) that may workout.”

This is why GregB purchased 20 lbs of bacon and, together with an accomplice, set out to make a bacon pinata shaped like a pig. It ended up, however, looking like a Scottie dog, which is lucky for us given that it’s a slow July here at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, but not so lucky for GregB who wanted a pinata porker.

Perfect form or lack thereof turned out to be the least of Greg’s problems though. It wasn’t until the pinata met the grill that the real flare-ups began. Here’s Greg’s description of the events that followed:

As you can see, it rapidly got out of hand. We stopped taking pictures because Gabi went inside to get a wet towel, and I was trying to find a way to remove this heavy and clumsy thing from the heat source. In that short time, the height of the fire more than tripled (I’m not kidding), the inside of the bacon pinata caught fire, so whenever the heat came into contact with oxygen in the small gaps in the bacon, flames were sputtering out, and its ass had an almost constant stream of smoke and fire shooting out.

So right about that time, I decided to make an executive decision and push the bacon off the heat source. I could hardly get near it, even with the long grilling tools to do so, as the fire was so hot, but I managed to shove it off into the grass and it immediately smothered itself and became a smoking pile of mostly raw bacon, with some burnt crispy edges.

Poor, poor bacon Scottie.

As for Greg, he is currently eating leftover bacon and mulling his next attempt at pinata making. One of his commenters, JonnyT, is urging him on. “Fantastic idea and great ambition!” he wrote. “Does anything truly brilliant ever work on the first attempt? And yes I’m encourage future experiments.”

File this one under whatever did we do before the internet?

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  1. If only they had filmed the cooking part! Let us know if the Bacon Scottie rises from the ashes!

    mmmm bacon….

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