4 thoughts on “Different fur parenting styles for a Scottie pup

  1. Gosh you're right – I was going to ring the fashion police anyway!!

    Is it just me or does anyone else think there's something not quite right about dressing up dogs …maybe especially Scotties?? That could be a discussion in itself!

  2. Okay, I'm not certain what to say…seems to me that our scotties attract enough attention without dressing them in silly outfits!

  3. I missed the evidence that he's a male.

    Can you please let us know at what time exactly we need to freeze frame.

    Re clothing, I think Scotties should only wear a rain slicker in the rain or a very dignified plaid jacket in the cold — and being Canadian, I mean really cold. None of this it's 50 in florida stuff.

    Bridget is never dressed but many have admired her Burberry and pink crocodile (fake) collars.

    The girl's got style.

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