Jack and Tiger: Two very noisy Scottish Terriers

Nice house, guys.

6 thoughts on “Jack and Tiger: Two very noisy Scottish Terriers

  1. There's nothing like a good old fashioned Scottie Howl-a-thon!! My Magic started to join in when he heard these two! And now Magic won't let go of my bedroom slipper — on my foot! LOL! I've been known to start the group howl myself! I love the sound of Scotties 'singing'!

  2. Great video! Our Tommy sings like crazy on Sunday mornings before we get out of bed. He will rub his head on us, singing loud as he wakes for the day. My husband of course repeats his name in a high pitched song to get him going.

  3. Love this.
    It's an Icecream van call with Kirk … any Icecream van and she's howling for England. Two years ago the local van did a stint of the Popeye song, that realy got her going.


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